Roblox studio failed to load settings with SslConnectFail

Screenshot 2024-03-30 133627
I already tried reinstalling it

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Please add more information. What OS are you using? What’s your Roblox Studio version? Also show log files that were created due to the error.

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Are you Vietnamese by any chance? If so it’s because of your ISP. Roblox has already been notified about this, and it should be fixed soon. Try using a VPN for now.

Ah I see, thanks for notifying me about the situation

Hi, this appears to be resolved from a connectivity standpoint. Are you able to connect without VPN?

I’m having the exact same issue after switching wifi networks in my house, both come from the same router and both have a good internet connection, I’m using windows 11.

This issue is still ongoing for me.

Not aware of any ongoing connectivity issues, the one listed in the ticket was specific to a network outage. You can’t connect at all?

@zektonn Hello, is your Windows up to date? Can you check if the firewall is not blocking access to your Roblox? Are you experiencing any compatibility issues? Are you still encountering this issue? Your post is already three days old, and in the meantime, an update has already been released.

It seems the issue resolved itself, I’m not sure what caused it though or how to replicate it.

It looks like the update may have fixed it, although I don’t know what caused it in the first place.

Ok thanks. For future reference this is almost always a connectivity issue between your computer and Roblox. Generally if there’s a large ongoing system outage, you’ll see things like not being able to connect w/ Roblox player or Creator Hub via the browser as well, so that’s a good way to check if this is specific to Studio or not.

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