Roblox Studio freezes when computer is left idle

Reproduction Steps
I only experienced this once so far, but I saw a thread earlier today that sounded exactly like this, so I’m posting this thread assuming it’s not just a one-off and it’s not just my problem.

Edit: Since posting this has occurred one more time in exactly the same way (in script editor, idle for 20-40 minutes after an hour+ of working).


  • Work in Studio for an hour or two.
  • Minimize Studio and walk away from your computer for 20-30 minutes.
  • Come back and refocus Studio, the window is now unexpectedly frozen and unresponsive.

I have created a program dump from the frozen process via task manager and included it in a private message attached to this thread. I have also included the files generated by Studio (e.g. log, dump, etc.).

I have not installed any new plugins recently, nor updated them except for my own for a very minor tweak. I haven’t worked in Studio all week, this is the first time I have experienced this.


Collapsing this since storage space no longer looks relevant

I’m sitting on a Windows update also, so it may be useful to note that this is what my storage situation looks like if you subtract 5 GB of usage from C due to the dump file I just generated, but I wouldn’t expect Studio to need 7 GB spontaneously while idle, while I have enough RAM to accommodate it.

Expected Behavior
Roblox Studio should not freeze.

Actual Behavior
Roblox Studio freezes after being minimized and the computer left idle for a while.

There is no way to recover other than force-closing Studio and losing any unsaved changes.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Freezing
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Sometimes
Date First Experienced: 2021-06-11 20:06:00 (-05:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2021-06-11 20:06:00 (-05:00)
A private message is associated with this bug report

I’m sitting on a Windows update also, so it may be useful to note that this is what my storage situation looks like if you subtract 5 GB of usage from C due to the dump file I just generated, but I wouldn’t expect Studio to need 7 GB spontaneously while idle, while I have enough RAM to accommodate it.

Yea it seems weird. I have 3 different data storages. The lowest amount of GBs free on them is 30.8 GBs and Studio barely takes up any of the RAM when I am using it. Also for me it freezes when idle in a project, not in the menu.

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This also happens to me! Not specifically like this, but instead if I leave the computer idle and then try to move the camera in the workspace… it crashes


This has been happening to me several times per day - Windows 10 as well but I updated my OS last night. Most recent (few minutes ago) happened after being left idle for only 20 minutes. I opened iTunes in another monitor then boom - Studio froze up.


Can confirm that this is a persistent issue, it just happened again to me in the exact same way.

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Can confirm as well. I encountered the exact same issue on the 10th of this month, at 5 pm UTC. Was afk for more 30 minutes then came back to a frozen studio.

It most likely isn’t a storage issue, as I still have more than 25GB free on each one of my drives (66GB free on the main drive)

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I also had this issue but assumed it was just my computer. My studio sometimes sits idle while I take a break, then when I come back and edit a few things then hit “Test” it completely freezes and crashes.

it can’t be a storage issue because like I have a ton of space:

When my computer does a screen saver, I come back, I click THROUGH studio, so I have to close it out and reopen. I can see studio, but when I click, it minimizes and the thing in the backround like chrome comes in front

This has happened to me a few times, and has become more frequent…


Can confirm this issue, except it happens not just 20-30 minutes after I leave studio unfocused, but about under a minute leaving it unfocused. I have lost work because of this persistent issue and can only rely on backed up work. I have 80.4 GB used of 237 GB, but I don’t believe this is a storage issue.

Can confirm this issue, it has been happening over the past week now I believe. I don’t know what I would’ve even done if I didn’t have Rojo…
I lost 2 hours worth of progress with my AI’s behavior tree - please fix this bug ASAP!

I’m on Windows 8.1 and this hasn’t happened to me yet, so it may just be a Windows 10 issue(?)

exact same issue was making an obby game crashed.

internet speed : 30+
apps : roblox, roblox studio, fortnite, epic game, zoom.
on windows 10.

Had it happen once to me today. Only running 2 studio files. (both local files)

This also happens to me. When I minimize Studio, it freezes depending on how much time it was left minimized. It fully freezes in about 2 hours.

I have a good amount of space left

and a good amount of RAM.image It happens no matter what file it is and how many apps are open.

Thankfully, I press Play regularly so autosaves get created. Maybe you should too

Edit: I never captured a dump file before which means I didn’t do that for this bug, also because I don’t want to get one, and the bug has already been fixed anyways.

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It just happened to me too after leaving studio idle for a few minutes (i use it online, not locally).

Yeah, this bug started happening for me too and it’s really annoying.
I lost some progress because there wasn’t autosave.
I hope roblox fixes this bug as soon as possible!

Just following up to say that we’ve been actively working to resolve this, but haven’t isolated a root cause yet, sorry for the inconvenience.


It just happened to me again, except it was working perfectly fine until I unplugged my headset. This has never happened before until very recently. I don’t know what could possibly be doing it but I hope this bit of information helps you guys narrow it down. If there’s anything you need like a crash report or something let me know.

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CC @Xsticcy @TomazDev @RobotChip212 @ploopy157 @UndisiredMilitary
Please observe the bug report requirements, there are instructions for how to capture a dump via task manager for the frozen Studio process that may be helpful to engineers. Privately DM these files to @bug-files and reply here or edit your reply here with a link to the created private DM. You should zip the created file and upload it to Google drive if it is too large.

Follow the information under “How to generate dump files for freezes/hangs”.

See this also for information on how to get any log files generated.

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