ROBLOX Studio gone all buggy?

It doesn’t even have a catagory, slightly sad.

I’m not sure if I am the only one having this issue.

My ROBLOX studio has just gone extra large and the game settings page does not scale properly. I haven’t changed anything, I just woke up this morning to this beauty.

It looks so pixelated now, I’ve tried looking for a setting to revert this - no luck. I reinstalled studio - no luck. Please help because its making ROBLOX Studio impossibly hard for me to work with… I have looked up solutions online - nothing.

le depressed :frowning:

unless i’m testing out ROBLOX Studio HD :laughing: ?

I am not sure why this is happening and it isn’t happening to me. If this issue carries on and you don’t find a solution you should file a bug report. This could be an internal issue at Roblox but it sounds like it may be to do with your PC.

As you are a new member you will need to go through the post approval process. The bug report would go in the #platform-feedback:studio-bugs category.

Disabling high DPI scaling used to (kind of) work for this issue but I’m not sure about it anymore.
You can see this thread and threads linked inside for more information, but it looks like this issue tends to resolve itself after a little bit of time (day or two?).

I messed around with the DPI settings in properties of the application.

Whilst the setting makes everything proportionate it still looks horrific when it comes to graphics - I think I’ll just wait a day or so. It is a shame that they don’t have a single post or page about this as the topic you’ve shown somewhat demonstrates it as a running issue.

I don’t really mind in the end, break days are great (muhahaha).


The game settings page is kinda workable, still have to offset my mouse co-ords so it works perfectly though.