Roblox Studio Icons Changed

Hello! I really liked new Roblox Studio icons (it could be strange but i do). I just updated studio and they reverted to old. How can i get them back? (i would like normal answers)


I never actually got the new icons (even though this is an update I wanted for once) so there’s a chance they may have reverted or temporarily stopped the rollout/disabled them to make improvements.

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This may be the reason why you are experiencing this.


I recommend installing Roblox Studio Mod Manager, that’s how I got the old icons back,

They randomly come and go for me. I personally like them. I just think some of them could be a bit more distinct.

If you want to make standard icons back just go to file then beta features and find something like new studio icons and disable it. You maybe need to restart studio to see changes.

I hope this will you help, Bye.

That is not a beta feature, is A/B testing, its random.