Roblox Studio is blurry


Using an iMac for some development while I am away and notice that lots of items look blurry.

In the image above, the toolbox looks blurry and then all the text on the actual Roblox window looks blurry. This includes things such as humanoid names as-well.


Note: Roblox looks blurry in-game as-well.



Unfortunately, I don’t think we have that option on macOS to toggle high DPI scaling. We do have the option of changing our resolution but that just makes the problem worse. I’m on the retina 5K and I think mostly everything renders fine apart from the Toolbox and some plugins that create Studio windows.


We don’t have that option sadly, and I don’t think it would help because you’ll notice a lot of stuff is sharp but a few things like I pointed out in the OP are blurry.


So the 3D environment renders at a lower resolution.

It’s just that doing UI development sucks.


Can confirm, looks fine on your average Joe monitor on Desktop or Laptops, but my Laptop has a 2K Monitor and it looks blurry mostly in the toolbox.


There is no plan to change game DPI now. A fix for plugins on macOS was released.


So no one who has a screen above 1080 with macOS will be able to develop for the platform.

Roblox’s plans of having the top game studio making 50 million a year in 5 years will lead to studios having the best computers for fast development, which may happen to be a Mac with above 1080 resolution.


Toolbox now looks better. Why is it unable to develop? I’m not sure I understood.


Any screen GUI looks blurry. So when I am making custom backgrounds and such, I am not sure if I did it correctly and made the image sharp. I have to get out another computer or my mobile to test.

Yep, I should have updated the original post further. It’s any UI element, not just the text.

*Any UI element that will be used in your game, not the Roblox Studio UI except for the toolbox and such that apparently you have fixed.


Any update on this? I am back from my overseas trip and at my regular station so it no longer affects me, but it still affects others and will affect me in the future when I upgrade.


They’re already expressed intent to fix it, but they can’t just flip a switch and have it happen overnight. These things take time, and it’s likely not a priority as it’s largely a ‘cosmetic’ change - it just looks a bit sharper and clearer - and plus not everyone uses a high DPI monitor.

tl;dr be patient, it’ll happen eventually


Well she said she didn’t entirely know what I mean and hasn’t responded with something like “We see the issue now and are working on it”.

Calling it just a cosmetic issue is not fair, it affects development. You literally can’t tell if your GUI is sharp and clean when scaling, you a need another device to keep checking.


I noticed too, only with in the last few months, it was not like that before.
I am on a windows 8 laptop, 15" screen my resolution is 1366x768.
i5 3210M 2.50ghz, 8gb ram graphics: intel HD 4000 :frowning:
I never had that issue before though, I thought it might have been my laptop, i had to do a refresh of it.
This clarifies its not my laptop.

I hope there can be a fix


For windows you can apparently enabled “High DPI” or something. If you search the forums for that you should find the fix.