Need to tick "override high DPI scaling behavior on Application" on Studio on Windows 10, otherwise Studio is blurry



For about a few years now, I have to go to the .exe of Studio and set its “Override high DPI scaling behavior” to “Application” , otherwise it would look oversized and blurry. I believe this behavior only occurs in Windows 10, as I didn’t encounter this back in Windows 7 about two years ago.

While setting the DPI override to “Application” has worked, this setting resets every time Roblox Studio updates, making it a hassle to set it every time it finishes updating. I’ve noticed that the upscaling behavior occurs mostly when opening .rbxl files that are locally saved, and almost rarely occurs when opening places on the website or places using Team Create.

OS: Windows 10 version 1709
Monitor: DELL S2240L
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti

Without DPI scaling override:

With DPI scaling override:

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Roblox Studio is blurry

I have this same problem.


I also have this problem!


This is a problem I didn’t even realize I had. Thanks.