Roblox Studio on the iPad Pro

As a developer it is hard to edit games on the go.

Recently Apple announced their newest Ipad, and it got me thinking, how more productive would roblox studio be on IPad OS, the newest Ipad pros are powerful enough to support it. Builders could use touchscreen shortcuts to union / separate / negate a certain object, Artists could make their art on their IPad and upload it straight into their studio project on the IPad and scriptors could use multitasking to look up references for things and script at the same time.

There would only be 1 limitation, a message would pop up saying “please connect a keyboard and mouse to properly use this app”, so basically you can still use the app without a keyboard and mouse but the message will appear every time you load the app up without a keyboard and mouse. Finally you could do all this on the go.

This would improve my experience on roblox as It would give more freedom as to where I could edit games and that combined with the touchscreen and the power of the IPad, would make making games on roblox way better.


This is an awesome idea and I would totally use it! The only issue is engineering all the studio features and components for a whole new OS. This would be a really hard task and would likely take at least a year or more to complete.

Perhaps you can use a remote desktop application on the iPad and use studio remotely…?


Yea you could use a remote application, but woud it be better for roblox to make a remote desktop application or an actual app. If roblox made an app then they would have to hire more developers! It would be a giant update, more people will make games, Tech Youtubers might review the app and if it is made correctly could be named the first game engine on the IPad Pro.


If we’re gonna bring studio to iPads, can we get a basic version of studio for phones too? I don’t need anything fancy, just something I can write code in and use some basic building tools. Roblox’s mobile audience is so huge that it makes sense to have SOME form of mobile studio.

I spend a lot of time away from home. When I want to work on a project, I can’t. It’d be great to have something.

Edit: Sorry for the necrobump. I didn’t realize this was a three-month old thread.