Roblox Studio on the iPad Pro

As a developer it is hard to edit games on the go.

Recently Apple announced their newest Ipad, and it got me thinking, how more productive would roblox studio be on IPad OS, the newest Ipad pros are powerful enough to support it. Builders could use touchscreen shortcuts to union / separate / negate a certain object, Artists could make their art on their IPad and upload it straight into their studio project on the IPad and scriptors could use multitasking to look up references for things and script at the same time.

There would only be 1 limitation, a message would pop up saying “please connect a keyboard and mouse to properly use this app”, so basically you can still use the app without a keyboard and mouse but the message will appear every time you load the app up without a keyboard and mouse. Finally you could do all this on the go.

This would improve my experience on roblox as It would give more freedom as to where I could edit games and that combined with the touchscreen and the power of the IPad, would make making games on roblox way better.


This is an awesome idea and I would totally use it! The only issue is engineering all the studio features and components for a whole new OS. This would be a really hard task and would likely take at least a year or more to complete.

Perhaps you can use a remote desktop application on the iPad and use studio remotely…?


Yea you could use a remote application, but woud it be better for roblox to make a remote desktop application or an actual app. If roblox made an app then they would have to hire more developers! It would be a giant update, more people will make games, Tech Youtubers might review the app and if it is made correctly could be named the first game engine on the IPad Pro.


If we’re gonna bring studio to iPads, can we get a basic version of studio for phones too? I don’t need anything fancy, just something I can write code in and use some basic building tools. Roblox’s mobile audience is so huge that it makes sense to have SOME form of mobile studio.

I spend a lot of time away from home. When I want to work on a project, I can’t. It’d be great to have something.

Edit: Sorry for the necrobump. I didn’t realize this was a three-month old thread.


Agree they need add roblox studio to android tooo


As someone who makes games on the go constantly, I do have to say this would be a great addition and most likely drive a good majority of new players to the development side of Roblox!

I have actually tried to use some VNC remote desktop applications, but the latency is unbearable when trying to be proficient in anything other than typing script.


This gets brought up constantly, and it’s really not that simple. There are so many unnecessary challenges this this. I doubt Roblox Studio would be accepted onto the App Store or the google play store in the first place. The amount of effort to have Studio work on a different OS that only a tiny minority would use is not worth the time.


If you want to edit games on the go then buy a laptop, they’re cheaper than iPads :joy:

We don’t need Roblox studio on another os. I can imagine the performance would be terrible.


keyboard functionality comes finally to androids and ipados??? that would be nice


Yes we need keyboard support for both of systems


This sounds good but I can imagine the quality of games getting 100x worst. Now any 5 year old with a tablet can upload games too lol.


Phones are a big no, screens are way too small.


Just get a laptop? Studio is already available on the go and if you really need a touchscreen, get a touchscreen laptop. Developing and maintaining studio for mobile devices probably isn’t worth their time if such a small group of people would actually end up using it.


It’s an interesting idea but I believe it would be impratical at best. They’d probably would have to redesign Roblox Studio for Android and iOS along with testing which devices can/cannot run Studio. Which means either hiring new employees specifically for building and maintaining the mobile versions of the software, or taking employees already working on Studio to working on a mobile port.

The Studio would also be forced to follow a bunch of Terms of Services imposed by both parties like the Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement and the Apple Developer Program License Agreement along with any other Developer Guidelines/ToS they may have (and if added to AmazonOS as well, Amazon Developer Services Agreement.) Which depending on what is contained in the Terms of Service, may additionally prevent other features of Roblox Studio from being added in a theoretical mobile port (like Plugins possibily idk I haven’t read any of them because that would take too long.)

And while mobile devices may be the largest precentail of users on the platform, I’m going to make an assumption and state that most of those users do not have any plans of seriously developing on the platform (developing for commerical purposes.)

Overall, being the “first” is not always the best. Because there may always be reasons for why no one has attempted it beforehand. Those limitations being stricter guidelines to follow, less interest in developing experiences by the mobile marketplace, and the resources that would need to be aqquired (or reallocated) to develop and maintain such software.

The best next option is a touchscreen laptop.


I don’t really see the benefit of this? I think it would be hard to implement a Studio version for mobile devices and even if they did it would feel weird.

Sure they have wireless\bluetooth keyboards out there but it doesn’t really make a lot of sense to have Roblox Studio on a tablet\phone Operating System and if they did how would it even work?


What about first making the iOS game client compatible with keyboards?


Sure but how would the ribbon buttons work on iOS then and adding Objects?


My IPad Pro can barely handle games without crashing and sending me onto the home page. Not sure how this will work if it can’t even run the game player smoothly.

Honestly, invest in a laptop, it’s probably cheaper too.


And if they could put a lite version on the chrome book as well. Just one that can get coding done


It won’t even run on a chromebook, even if you use wine, it will still suck. You can easily use a text editor.