Roblox Studio Plugins!?!? (Safe or Not)

  • What are you attempting to achieve? (Get access to safe and reliable roblox plugins)
  • What is the issue? (There are a lot of fakes with viruses)
  • What solutions have you tried so far? (Not using plugins at all)

Hi everyone, recently I started using the roblox studio to develop some games and other creations. I found out that we could download plugins from the roblox library. The plugins were really useful and made tasks much more smoother and quick. However I found out that some of the plugins I downloaded were fakes and possibly had viruses (Roblox should be filtering these out and removing them)

The reason why I am creating this post is too ask everyone where me and countless other roblox developer’s can get reliable and genuine plugin’s apart from the roblox library which are safe to use.

Otherwise if you know any plugins from the roblox library which are really effective and safe to use then please post the link below. This will massively benefit me and other developers who view this post.

Thanks for reading. Looking forward to your responses. :smile:

If someone has posted a link to a fake and dangerous plugin then please let me know and i will delete the comment.

(If this is in the wrong category then could a moderator please move it to the right one)


Does this belong in #help-and-feedback:building-support? And do you have a specific plugin you need? There are a lot of plugins out there.


I am not sure, posted this here because i needed help. If it is the wrong category then i will leave a comment and ask a moderator to move it there.

I need plugins like
-Animation rig
-the authentic f3x plugin
-any other useful ones

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Thanks for your response @idpr123
I will look at youtube videos to find good plugins and how to use them
And that suggestion to use a antivirus plugin was very clever
Thanks again!

Okay, well here’s the legit F3X plugin.

You can tell because it’s highly rated, favorited, and many copies have been taken. And it’s by the actual creator. And I did a simple search in the library.

In general, if the plugin is recommended by many, has been favorited highly, has had many copies taken, has been highly rated, and is by a legit user, than it’s most likely legit.

Also, see @Elttob’s post below :arrow_down:

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All the plugins in the Toolbox (at the time of writing, possibly not in the future) are confirmed to be safe.


@Macawmangrovve12 thanks. Do you have anymore good plugins possibly?

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Thanks a lot, these will be really helpful.

If you don’t have a specific type of plugin, here are some I use:

This one loads any character from Roblox, accessories, clothing, etc.
This one turns certain terrain into another type of terrain. For example only grass to snow.
This one is just an improved version of the vanilla building tools Roblox provides.
This one lets you select the lights directly instead of having to select the parent first. Many other uses.
This one allows you to position the sun and moon easier. It follows your mouse.
This one makes a waterfall.
This one saves terrain so you can load it in another game.
And… this one turns parts into terrain.

Many have to do with terrain and lighting because I like those two areas. (๑꧆◡꧆๑)
But you should really ask others, too.


:hushed: sooo many useful plugins. I cant wait to start using them. Thanks a lot.

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No problem. Keep in mind that these are only ones that I use, though. You should really ask others for plugins they use.
I’ve only touched a few of the vast collection of available plugins. And in only one sector.
Anyways, glad this helped. Stay safe! (=⌒▽⌒=)

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Hello fizi12,

To avoid downloading potentially malicious plugins. I suggest making sure that the creator is popular, have some good reputation or even have a YouTube channel or devforum post that has some good feedback by it’s users.

For useful plugins, I’ll say “InCommand” plugin and my cutscene plugin that I made "CodesOtaku Cutscene Plugin”.

InCommand is pretty popular already which let’s you test code in studio more effectively and automate some tasks faster.
My cutscene plugin I made a little while ago, occasionally it’s the first plugin that I made and am really proud about it, I release some updates from time to time depending on my availability.
I’m planning or remaking since as I said it’s my first plugin but it’s still turned out great! It let you create good-looking cutscenes in minutes without a single line of code.
Here is a cutscene I made in 5 minutes:

Here is the tutorial I made for the first version (it’s really long, try watching in speed x2):

Here is a tutorial made by one of the users:


Hi @IlyasTawawe

Yh thats a very good idea to avoid fake plugins. I will definitely get plugins from popular/reliable sources now.

The plugin that you have made. I am going to install it straight-away. Those cutscenes are incredibly proffesional. A tutorial also… wow thanks a lot.

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Make sure to download those plugins from the supplied links in the video’s description and have fun!
And by the way if you don’t know, you can also check the source code of any plugin that you suspect can be doing a malicious act!

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Okay will do and if i suspect a plugin i will ask a scripter to check the source code before using.

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Alright thanks a lot for the help.