Roblox studio script editor lags

I’ve been using my MacBook for over a year but the studio script editor keeps on getting worse.

It simply lags even when scrolling down or up or when you start typing.

I have a MacBook pro 15 inch from 2019 running the latest software and I just factory reset it.
I have un checkmark every option script editor related but the lag is still there.
This lag still occurs when you are on a fresh baseplate with just one script.

Personally, I think it has to do with how Roblox renders the script editor since other editors like VisualStudio code are running just fine

Sincerely DutchDeveloper

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Yup, since the recent updates of the Script Editor, many people talked about these type of problems. But, there are some other things that you should also keep in mind, like the amount of plugins you’re running or if you have lots of windows opened in studio, that can cause tons and tons of lag, trust me.

Some other posts complaining about script editor performance:

as I said its a completely fresh install, there are no plugins active or beta features

Duplicate topic, search before posting.