Roblox Studio sometimes freezes after pressing Undo

I’ve noticed a recurring issue where Roblox Studio freezes (Not Responding) during an Undo action, even if the change that is being reverted is a simple action that should be reverted easily. I have waited and Roblox Studio has responded sometimes, but other times, it has never responded again and I had to close Roblox Studio, losing some of my work. This issue appeared more recently as it was not an issue previously with the same computer and my previous computer as well.

Reproduction Steps
Use the Undo feature in Roblox Studio (does not freeze every time)

Expected Result
Roblox Studio should easily be able to revert the last change without any freeze or lag

Actual Result
Roblox Studio freezes and either takes a while to respond or does not respond at all after a while

I have no attachments (unless my messages complaining about this multiple times count) but this is based on my personal experience.


We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and we will update you when we have further information!

Thanks for flagging!


Coming back to this!

Can you provide a program dump and your log files after the freeze happens? @Real_BenTheMiner
If you don’t know how, please check this guide!
We need these to be able to track the root cause of something that rarely happens!
Also, make sure to send them to our log files group and link the DM to this thread!

Ping me here after you’ve done it please, thank you!

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Noted, will do so when it happens again.

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Hey! I’ve been able to reproduce this issue quite a few times already. Do you still need a crash log for this?


Please provide it for me! I have not used the Undo feature that much recently and have not experienced the freeze yet to get the log for it.

Sprry I cannot provide it fir you. Crash logs contain sensitive information.

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Hey @ItsKoiske

That’s great, please send them to Logs / crash dumps / other bug files - DevForum | Roblox!

Thank you!

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Of course, I meant to provide it to them for me

Hey @Real_BenTheMiner

Are you still experiencing the freezes?

Let me know!

No, I haven’t experienced the freezing recently.

That’s great!

We are assuming the issue was resolved with the latest updates, and that the issue was only affecting a small portion of developers, as we weren’t able to reproduce it on our end!

We are closing the thread, but feel free to let us know if the freezes come back!


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Hi, I’m experiencing a freeze after undoing again. I’m not sure if this is the same bug or a different bug, but it floods the output. Here is a video since I am able to replicate this happening repeatedly and the freeze does not occur for very long:

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