Roblox Studio System Menu Crashes When Loading Places

When the bug occurs, Studio instantly shuts down.
Yes, the bug occurs 100% of the time. All you have to do
is turn Studio to the System Menu theme, and load any place.
The bug started happening today, but it happened around a week ago once.

I’ll look into it, and try to see if it’s a Plugin issue. My guess is that it’s trying
to load an asset that’s present in RibbonBar, but not present in SystemMenu.


I can’t even do regular play, their whole update has broken ROBLOX programs for me.

I’ve just been informed that System Menu has been discontinued.
I’m not quite ready to move to RibbonBar though. I’ve been using
SystemMenu for 7 years now.

bring back system menu or i will cry :frowning:

well that’s just awful… i’m not really digging this ribbonbar so far :1

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Most compelling argument for system menu so far

(I’m joking, pls I don’t want an overview of arguments or something as a reply)

i’ve been using the ribbon bar for a while now, and i still don’t like it. but at least the terrain tools aren’t hogging up my screen space anymore - the whole ribbon bar system does it for me instead

only positive feature from ribbon bar that i have found so far is that the basic scale/move tools are a bit precise, albeit slower to adjust for my needs…

The least you guys can do is fix System Menu so it doesn’t crash.
Again, I’m guessing it’s looking for an asset that’s only present in
RibbonBar causing Studio to freak out.

How about at least forcing everyone to load in RibbonBar instead of SystemMenu if that’s what they have selected in their Studio Settings?

I’d really like to be able to get into Studio, but of course that isn’t happening… I’ve had a couple days of building that I’d like to have been able to at least fight with RibbonBar in instead of having it crash.

But all my plugins look nice in SystemMenu. tbh the Ribbon Bar is garbage.

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Evil Terrible Idea, Please Feel Bad.

A single feature broke System Menu, and it’s easy to remove.