Roblox Suddenly Rendering Decals/ImageLabels Blurry Overnight

I have a problem on my game, where suddenly overnight, selected images have started rendering blurry.

I have revived reports from multiple players and is happening on my desktop, both in client and on studio.
This is what I often observe on mobile, I presume for performance reasons - but seems unacceptable on desktop. It has been rendering perfectly fine for 2 weeks and now has suddenly gone blurry on selected images.

This suddenly happened some point overnight last night.


It is consistently the same decals.
Re-uploading the decal does not resolve the problem unless it is with a pixel change.

Example decal this happens with (from photo): Whitelist - Roblox

This is also happening on large images. I’m really unhappy because it makes my games quality look really bad suddenly, when I have put loads of effort into it.

I am really anxious about this because I don’t want to be forever going around chasing which decals need re-uploading and updating.


This seems less like an Engine Bug and more like a Website Bug, as the actual image on the website was affected rather than just improperly rendering. Anyways, I’m hoping that our images aren’t permanently corrupted as a result of this, and that roblox will be attentive and solve this issue as soon as possible before even more data is possibly lost.

And another one:

I think that’s a different? My images render like that often on the website. I think that’s related to how roblox manipulates images to look for transparent/hidden things? I have that on many images myself on the website but they appear fine in-game.

I used the exact image link that you provided on the website, and scaled it to the image you see below:

As you can see, the quality is lost on the website, and it’s not an issue with rendering.

That compared to something I recently uploaded with text on it “Landslide”, you can see that the text is clear and not blurry even though it has been stretched.

Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 12.37.04 PM

I believe this is an issue with the website (specifically how these assets are managed in the backend), not the rendering engine. (might be wrong though)

Interesting. Just noticed in edge (because that’s the browser I use for uploading on an alt) the whitelist appears distorted that for me, but doesn’t appear in chrome.

Meanwhile blacklist is fine in both (Blacklist - Roblox)

There seems to be a general major issue right now (can’t connect to any games on my tablet right now). Not sure this is related?

That’s not in game. It is in-game where is appears blurry.
The tablet connection issue seems to have resolved with the status going back to operational. I am 99% sure that was a separate incident.

Hello, we have rolled back some changes in the backend, you should not see the blurry textures anymore. Would be great if you can verify. Thank you.


I think my computer must be using some cached version, but is working great on my tablet now, thank you!

They were using the normal decal method(png) and they wanted to switch over to the KTX format. Will this be attempted again?

This will be attempted again once we’ve confirmed quality issues have been addressed.


It’s been happening again and it’s getting much worse with it happening on way more textures than before… I don’t have a high end graphics card, but I do have a standalone one. I don’t feel that compression need be applied for my hardware level.

I use pop-up adverts on my game between rounds to try and sell game passes, and instead they are treated to a bury mess

Please can a fix for this be prioritised?


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