Roblox Titanic 2.7 Update Log

We have a fall update for you guys!

First, if you’re interested the developers have a bit of a life update for you. We can post update videos on the first Thursday of each month, this is all on VVG’s instagram

New thumbnails (instagram)

*Working telegraphs (tiktok)

Working telegraphs: Ability to change ship direction, funnel smoke direction, overboard momentum all follow suit. Though the iceberg will come no matter what

*You can make the ship go backwards (twitter)

*Movie maker works with XBoxOne or gamepads in general (tiktok)

*Private Server Controls work with XBoxOne (tiktok)

*Modern sinking theory only: Bridge wheel follows wheel house (twitter)

*Shows where friends are on the ship, while in lobby.
Shows which teleport they are nearest to, and allows you to find them before GUI disappears. Thanks Sezess

*Slows down character when in water / when getting more hypothermia - Sezess

*Splash effect when elevator floods - Sezess

*Renting ability added to lobby for First Class, Crew Member, or Captain

*Added First Class VIP room teleport to Crew Member VIP lobby

*Robux spent and Points spent leaderboards

*New setting option added for under water GUI (tiktok)

*New stats icon, toggle realistic water icon, toggle telegraph outlines

*Friend Admin GUI updated

*Fixed “Your Deaths” and “Your Survivals” Stat glitches

*Fixed zooming in on Xbox selecting random invisible buttons, causing you to not be able to move

*Fixed floating wheel problem

*Better Gamepad / XBoxOne support

V2.66 - 2.67
*Newspaper GUI by @Sezess ! Will put your Roblox name up if you survive

*You can swim with/against the wake now

*Glitch fix: *Using “N” to hide GUIs will no longer make the stair icons visible again when you unhide
*Glitch fix with Lifejacket / swim tool
*Glitch fix with terrain water
*Glitch fix while using hax that ruined water visibility

V2.70b Fixes:
*Private Server restart round: fixed bow wake visible glitch, fixed wrong telegraph starting rotation glitch
*Made bow wake transparent according to speed like the stern wake has always been
*HD Ship floating staircase meshs outside of the port side gone

V2.70c Fixes:
*Fixed floating telegraph problem on modern sinking method. Sadly you can’t move the telegraph while the ship is tilting, but once it stablizes, you can again!
*Fixed Robux amt display glitch that happened on the gamepass frame in the store GUI
*Fixed gamepad buttons being visible while using the renting GUIs on a computer

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