Roblox Titanic 2.75 Update Log (Submarine wrecksite, New Lobby, New Iceberg, Carpathia)

V2.75 Trailer

October 2020
*Fixed propeller glitch (twitter)
*Fixed the “Renting expires soon” VIP Activate button glitch
*Random green block in brdige is now invisible
*For mobile players, it is now easier to understand why you sometimes don’t know where all your gear is
“Use more of your gear. Tap the top right dot button” (twitter)

*New life jacket task for Crew: Deliver life jackets to cabin doors on E deck. First, go to the Crew quarters to stock up. Then head down to E deck and put them in rooms for points.

(Same as above but on instagram)

The Roblox Titanic wrecksite has been updated to include a fully controllable Submarine. (Instagram)

New Render:

*Submarine Wrecksite update (Instagram)
-1st Person Mode
-FOV changes depending on camera mode
-Press R to rebalance submarine if you get flipped over
-Player names over subs, optional hide holding down N (M also hides mouse btw)
-Fixed tilting issue where sub would drive tilted after hitting things wrongly
-Fixed glitch where you could reset and find your character on the ship

Behind the scenes of the scale of the wreck

Sub mode post: Virtual Valley Games on Instagram: "Halt! Who goes there! There's a few new features bug fixes to the sub mode including seeing players avatars and names over their sub #titanic1912 #titanic #titanicmovie #titanic1997 #vvg #virtualvalleygames#robloxtitanic #roblox #robloxdev #robloxdevelopers #iceberg #sinking#shipofdreams #shipgame #ship #game #freegame #videogames #virtual #games"

Building of the sub:

How to get the wrecksite for only 49 Robux

November 2020
*New Lobby

Behind the scenes links
New Lobby part 1:
New Lobby part 2:

Group Chest:

Lobby building:

December 2020
*Iceberg collision sequence updated: New Iceberg, large chunks fall off as it collides into Titanic
*Ice pieces on well deck
*Iceberg large chunk disappearing glitch fixed
Behind the scenes with a gltich

(Iceberg video (Code no longer active))

*Gift your Roblox friends 20 minutes of First Class, Crew Member, or Captain for 19, 69 and 199 Robux respectively

How it works:
If you are gifting your friend, you can purchase a dev product within the game, the game registers that you now have the ability to give out one session of whichever VIP your want to gift. When your friend is in game, click on them within the giving menu and click on the VIP product you’d like to gift and click confirm. You will both be notified that the gift has gone through. Your friend can choose to activate it whenever they wish. The 20 minutes the gift gives will save if the gift receiver leaves and decides to play later.

*Renting also follows the same rules, if you rent, it will save your time remaining if you lost connection or leave

January 2021
*Carpathia vid1
*Carpathia vid2

Building of VVG’s RMS Carpathia:

Cool comparisons:

Other things in V2.75:
*Fixed Grand Staircase bug with HD setting
*Fixed glitch with menu/store/inventory/settings where images would disappear if you opened the store too early
*Created a way to rank your self on the VVG group wall. You may rank your self First Class, Crew Member, or Captain in Roblox Titanic via the role giver inside each respective VIP room. Thanks to @TheScriptBlox

Last Update Log: