Roblox to trello - I need some help (multiple questions)

At the moment, I would like to update!/about with better designs & provide an admin panel to use for the MRs+, this admin panel will include warning systems, kick system, ban commands (with Trello board) & more.

I’ve been attempting to do like a form for leaderboard with Trello (1), so if I put in a card it would make use a scrolling GUI, and paste that card in there if you understand me.

At the moment, i use @nstrike159’s trello API (2), yet I can’t seem to get it to work properly. If you have any other suggestions for me to attempt to use, reply with one!

I’ve attempted to use multiple API’s and more, but it’s never worked properly out for me. This entire process is what I’ve been attempting to do for a long time now, I’ve avoided asking on dev forum, and instead of searching but it’s hard to search when there isn’t really anyone who asks specifically for what I need help with.

If you have any input, help, feedback or ideas (on what to add to the panel), please respond and tell me :slight_smile:!

(1) = This could be complicated, so I’ve provided a picture of what I want to do.

  • As I use adobe xd for my user interfaces, I’ve provided something from adobe Xd, I want it so the event name is there, and then the creator of the Trello card & event time will be down there (Trello time - due date)

(2) = Roblox to Trello Guide

In summary
I just need to figure out how to make a list (1) with Trello cards & i need a stable trello API which I can understand.