Roblox Triangle Generation Algorythm - Perlin Noise

Hey guys!

So i worked on infinite terrain generation and i got here.
I would like to show u guys my progress so ill add some pictures. Also i will enter game link so u can try it!

Thanks for any feedback!

Game link:


You have peaked my interest. How did you do that in roblox?

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I used simple 2D Perlin noise algorythm, to generate random height positions, than i connected them via 2 wedges. 1 wedge from points a,b,c and second from b,c,d

Here is simple image of explanation:

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I like it.
I made a terrain generation system for an up coming solar exploration game, I might have to switch over to the parts-based method, it just looks nicer and would work better :open_mouth: Thanks for providing how you made it, by the way. The math and what not.

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I made my place uncopylocked so u can take a better look, if u want. But iam not really sure u can read that messy code :smiley: . Also, what a nice terrain generation! Looks sick!

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The first photo reminds me of the terrain in Astroneer.

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