Roblox update broke suspension physics

Apparently a recent Roblox update broke my game and now it’s completely unplayable because of it.
the suspension physics of my car is completely messed up, it keeps wobbling back and forth and gliding on the track but i didn’t even touched the controls for it to do something.

I didn’t updated my game in 2.5 weeks and the last time i played which was 1 week ago it was working fine.

here’s 2 videos demoing the issue:

What have you tried yet?

Well i tried changing the suspension configuration and the workspace properties but none of it worked.

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Roblox recently decreased the minimum part density, and the chassis you are using probably sets the density to 0, meaning that it would be affected by this.

The announcement post shows how to fix this:

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That didn’t work. I changed on every script that mentioned it but it didn’t make a difference

edit: i just updated the wrong values. in fact it worked! Thank you so much!

idk man. that’s how my car suspension acts irl so i think ur probably fine.