Roblox website on Safari opens both Roblox and the App Store

UPDATE: Recently upgraded to iOS 13, and the issue is still unresolved.

The Issue

Whenever you attempt to play a game (see below video) from Safari, both Roblox and the App Store will open. As far as I can tell, this bug occurs on all links that open the Roblox app (ex. "Continue in Roblox App", "Play", etc.).


To reproduce the bug:
  1. Using Safari, go to any Roblox game.
  2. Click the play button.
    *At the moment, this has only occurred for me on an iPhone XR.

This bug appears to be only on iOS, but it could also be present on Android since I am unable to test it there. If you are on mobile and want to try it out:

A video of the bug in action:

Other Info

  • This occurred for me on an iPhone XR, running iOS 12.3.1 (most recent non-beta).
  • The latest update for Roblox mobile (2.392.317745) has not resolved it for me.
  • Devices affected so far:
    • iPhone XR (iOS 12.3.1)
    • iPhone 8 (iOS Public Beta 3)

I can confirm that this occurs for me as well on both my iPhone X on iOS 12.3.1 and iPad mini which is running the iOS 13 Beta. Any game which I attempt to launch in Safari takes me down the same route as the op. I’m using the latest version of the mobile app, version 2.390.312659 on both devices.

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This has been resolved on both of my devices after yesterday’s update, 2.392.317745.

I also noticed it has stopped happening, latest update seems to have resolved it.


Still doesn’t resolve for me. I checked and I’ve installed the new update.


EDIT: Is your update the same as mine? When I checked mine was 2.392.317745.

What device are you on? Maybe it was only resolved on the iPhone X?

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I can also confirm that this bug is happening.

iPhone 8 on iOS 13 Public Beta 3.

I’m on the XR, it isn’t happening anymore so I’m just assuming it’s fixed.

This has happened to me for as long as I can remember. It’s nothing in my settings (I’ve checked). Something weird happens with the signal I think.

This is also happening to me. It’s very annoying and I have to force close the app before I join a game like this.