Roblox Wikia Looking for Editors!

Close to six years ago, the Roblox Wikia was featured on the Roblox Blog to highlight one of our largest quality-improvement projects. As Roblox has changed and became an advanced developmental platform, the Roblox Wikia would like to collaborate with the developers shaping Roblox.

What is the Roblox Wikia? The Roblox Wikia is an encyclopedia of everything about Roblox, powered by the community. We have pages for catalog items, notable players, places, and groups, API documentation, and even the history of Roblox that goes back to 2004. We have it all.

You might also be asking, “We already have the official wiki, why have a wikia?” The wiki is a great base for API knowledge, with all of the documented scripting APIs and tutorials. However, the wiki is limited in terms of events, popular places, users, groups, and other things like history. This is where the Roblox Wikia comes in. We have over 15,000 pages for catalog items, history, places, users, events, and so much more.

Now, who am I? My name is Thundermaker300, you might have seen me on the devforum a lot as I recently got promoted to a full member. Anyways, I’m one of the five administrators on the Roblox Wikia and I have been an administrator since 2016. Being an administrator, we don’t gain that many extra privileges other than the ability to delete pages, protect pages, and block (ban) users. Like stated previously, our wiki is community edited, meaning that anyone can edit any page (that isn’t protected).

We are looking for developers who are interested in helping the wiki grow. This can be by contributing to their pages, their game’s page, their group’s page, or just any page on the wiki in general. You are also allowed to create a page for your game, however we do have page creation rules. We welcome all contributors to the wiki. In order to get started, you must first create an account on Wikia (or log in if you have an account). After joining our community, make sure to read our rules and then you are good to go! If your game, group, or account is notable, and you would like to edit under your name, please consider verifying with our admins so that we can prevent impersonation issues. The process is as simple as sending a Roblox message to a Roblox Wikia administrator or verifying by joining the Roblox Wikia Discord server.

We are also looking for developers interested in the Developer Connections Project. The Developer Connections Project (or DCP for short) is a project started by myself on September 15, 2018. The project involves getting the developer’s side of development on games. If you are interested in contributing to that, you can let me know by replying to this post or sending me a direct message. More information about the Developer Connections Project can be found here.

Note: If this post sounds somewhat familiar, that’s because ColorfulBody (Mark Otaris on wikia) posted a similar post regarding the wikia back in 2015.

We hope to get developers involved in our wiki to create a stronger connection with our wiki and the Roblox platform.

TL;DR: The Roblox Wikia is an encyclopedia of all things Roblox, including games, group, users, and more. We are looking for developers to strengthen our connection to the Roblox platform.


Thank you!


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