[ROBLOXCRITICAL] Fatal 404 - Website is laggy and servers are out

Fatal error 404 for all website users, preventing all usage of platform

Jailbreak made a live update, they had to shutdown all servers. Many players are now getting issues to join in servers of any game or use the Roblox website.
Me and all my partners can’t join in Roblox Studio, all my game servers went down and DataStore isn’t working.


503 Service Unavailable

No server is available to handle this request;

Error 504

This website has no servers.

In-Game errors

Some users reports:

South America Servers are out
European servers are out

I’m using Firefox in Windows 7 64b, it’s happening to many users in Chrome too.


Can confirm. I’m getting the same error and I can’t do anything.


Same here, my DataStores went down.


DataStore issues as well…

Most of my players lost all their data


Can confirm on the website and as well as some API services. DataStores are returning a status code of 503 and MarketPlaceService has already been reported down.

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Hi there,

This issue has been reported already, please head to [ROBLOXCRITICAL] Marketplace Requests Failing

As per any RobloxCritical notices, it’s important that only infomation which will help engineers are posted.

If you can confirm this, please just like the post. DO NOT REPLY.

Only add if you can add valuable information.


Can confirm completely. I think it’s due to the large player count of adopt me and Jailbreak, since thier player count both equaled 1,000,000 and of course because of a live event. But yeah, roblox is laggy atm. It started working a few minutes ago for like 1-5 minutes then just went out again, so I guess it’s an on-off thing?


Yeah, I saw some people unable to load data when they joined games like BGS/Pet Simulator.

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Everything fine in Opera GX.


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I don’t think this is the same issue?!


It’s prefered we keep to a single report and that be the single location for updaes.

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I’m not sure what is going on but DataStores are also breaking.

This is always returning true, and thus kicking people, regardless if they are actually banned or not:

local PcallTest, PcallReturn = pcall(function() return BanStore:GetAsync(tostring(Player.UserId)) end)
if PcallReturn and not Delta.RunService:IsStudio() then Player:Kick("You have been permanently banned for exploiting. If you wish to appeal, join our communications server.") end
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Our engineers are aware of the current service issues and are working on a solution. Thanks for your patience!


I’d always check the devforum when a service issue happen, but I think automatically letting us know about latency and outages can spare developers, moderators and maybe engineers some time. I believe some attempt for a website showing status was made but it was poorly maintained and seemed manual.


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