ROBLOXCRITICAL Random crashing? (Destroying sounds after playing)

…Should I move this back to client bugs? I want a fast fix for whatever is causing this, and it seems even more like a roblox based bug now.

Alright, changed.

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Yes, I would change it to bugs, crashes need to be fixed.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to try out a fix yet, I have to go for an hour or so. I’ll be back after, people should try removing sounds or raycasting to see if it fixes it.

Crash logs:!At0dt8Qglcp7gtka077Y2AZ3QUet7w

EDIT: Didn’t mean to reply to you, sorry

Just gonna say my game is having some crashing issues as well based on the comments, I haven’t updated it in weeks.

Add ROBLOXCRITICAL to the title seeing as many peoples games are crashing

I have found a solution to my crashes, hopefully this will help others as well. The crash comes when destroying sound objects immediately after they end. This is the core sound function that I use:

When the wait() line is commented out, crashes occur. Adding in the wait() has gotten rid of all crashes for me.


spotco should probably be pinged on this one? @spotco

Thank you. I will make sure the engineer working on sounds looks at this immediately.


This new behavior came when the new sound functionality came I believe. I found this out a few weeks ago. I didn’t know it was a bug and I started wait()-ing to destroy sounds. I probably should have posted about it :open_mouth:

Edited the title.

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taking a look


Alright, here’s the deal:
The crash happens if you destroy the sound immediately after the Ended event (or any other event).
I’ve disabled the updated flag a few big games that do this (and have been causing crashes), the fix for this is will be out next wednesday and the flag is remaining on.

So it’ll be fixed for the rest of us next Wednesday?

Yeah. If you’re doing this right now, just use one of the tricks to work around it (wait()).

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Alright, sounds good. Thanks for the response!

As of this update, the average play time in my game has gone down and I’m seeing networking issues in my game.

Network Receive averages under 10/s rather than 30/s

I’m not destroying sounds after they play or anything like that.


Have you been able to find anything specific ingame?

I haven’t made any major changes to the game. As of recently I lowered the preferred player count to help reduce the networking latency, but this should only be temporary as the game was doing fine with a high player count before this weeks update.

Xbox servers were also experiencing a lot of lag, which is strange seeing as the update doesn’t arrive on Xbox until usually a week later. So I assume it’s a server-side issue.