[ROBLOXCRITICAL] Site is generally broken [ENGINE, STUDIO and WEB]



I’m only seeing assets failing to load. Not receiving any 400 errors or disconnects on my end.


Me and my friends are also encourtering this issue: i’ve noticed the following things.

  • 500 Internal Server Error upon trying to load the “My Groups” page
  • Group images/logo’s not loading
  • Assets not loading properly


I Know there was one similar issue on the “Group Admin” page mentionned before, but this time it’s showing properly, however, all buttons on the panel can’t be clicked

can’t donate
can’t accept player


I’m unable to make new servers again?


Can repro. New servers can’t be created and we’re losing revenue. I just hope reviving this thread will also call Roblox’s attention to the ROBLOXCRITICAL tag.


I’d say make a new thread so they will notice quicker, but I don’t have perms :confused:


Games and friends aren’t loading for me. Luckily i can still access studio.


Do not bump old threads for new outages.