[ROBLOXCRITICAL] Site is generally broken [ENGINE, STUDIO and WEB]



The site is looking… interesting…


Top rated is looking pretty lit.


It seems that my Roblox is returning to normal.

It’s not normal yet, but it’s less laggy and I actually have a friends list now.


If it worked for me, it never fell, I do not know why they said it did not work, but it worked for me


Thinking back to their response to messing up the game page conversion revenue I assume we’ll be banned

Refund for Advertisement Campaigns due to Site/Server Issues

It’s already been established that Roblox can’t handle the increased traffic in the past year. I’m sure they are working on it internally but this isn’t just a simple ‘add more resources’ fix.


See my above response to OP


Too bad they removed it, sad.




Unsure why but I got notified for your message? Um?


One of your threads was linked:


Whoops. Missed that link.


Its impossible for me to use my testing place because of this: image

Team creates also take about 50 tries to get into…its getting really annoying now and I’m unable to update my game if I can’t properly test it beforehand, allbeit if I can even get into the team create’s to create what I want to test

[ROBLOXCRITICAL] Unable to join any game

This is just getting ridiculous, I haven’t been able to work on my game the past week. When I try to enter the Team Create it either crashes after a minute or gets stuck on this screen where it times out after some time: image

And I’m sure this isn’t my wifi connection as every single developer of my team is experiencing the same problem.

I also get weird errors in Roblox studio like these, I have never gotten them before until now.

I understand that it might take some time to fix issues like this but this has been going on for quite some time now and it’s really annoying for people like me with limited time that aren’t able to do anything because of this.


That isn’t happening for me but it takes about 5 mins to load in.


Had that just now. Still can’t get into my team create but my testing place eventually loaded. Which I guess is a good sign!


Is there any update about this? It’s 2:20 AM PST and has been occurring on and off with certain assets throughout the day, but it has really started to ramp up now to the point where nearly every image isn’t loading. Others have reported similar issues within my discord community.

Just ran a couple ADs… unfortunate that assets of the site aren’t working properly…

EDIT: At the time of writing, several other parts of the website fail to load entirely too. This has also been experienced by some other users.

Every time I open a game’s page now, it throws an error:


Can reproduce same error, people reporting to me that it is same for them.


@Roblox Please look into this issue.


Can reproduce the error, this makes the site pretty much useless. I get 400 bad request errors, images doesn’t load (both ingame and on the site) and team create disconnects often (more often than normal).