[ROBLOXCRITICAL] Uploading copyrighted audio automatically terminating accounts


I’ve been noticing a lot of complaints from both developers and regular players about a website bug that’s been terminating their accounts.

Basically uploading a copyrighted audio, then having said audio denied gives you two refunds, which then terminates the uploader’s account for “exploiting” and other reasons. This is a major bug, as it’s wrongfully terminating users accounts.

Here’s some examples of what I’m talking about:



Don’t know how to quote on mobile but here is a staff response.





I haven’t been affected, but should I upload audios or wait until this problem has been solved? I have around 8 friends who were terminated because of this.

This screenshot was from a user named sl0thyyy, so it’s kind of intimidating to touch anything audio-involved.


If you want to see more stories, the Roblox reddit thread (/r/roblox) has a megathread on this issue

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I don’t know if this is real or not, but if it is then wow


Is it advised to not upload audios at all during this issue?


Personally I wouldn’t. I’d rather not get a termination because of a bug. I’d wait until they address this issue before uploading audio assets again.


In the event that users do get their account terminated, I wonder if they are aware of the bug or the process they need to go through in order to retrieve their account. Hopefully the process should be automated.


Very scary-- there are large walls where people are in the dark

“If I upload this audio but it isn’t copyrighted, how do I prove that it isn’t?”
“If I upload this audio and I have a license, how do I prove it before you try and terminate me?”

There doesn’t seem to be a place of communication for these questions to be answered
and no, the devforums isn’t that widely known to where everyone trying to upload audio would know about the new copyright rules to the full extent.

I’ve also seen complaints about people not remembering the info/name of their audio that got deleted. Roblox just content swipes the item and says it’s been copyrighted.


Cool, now we have a way to delete accounts


Holy crap, are we doing this again? This is honestly so stupid. This is the second time an automated system to flag stuff has been added, and it’s the second time that we’ve added one that can automatically terminate accounts? Not going to lie, I thought Roblox might’ve learned something from last time.

Considering recent decisions they’ve made though, I can’t say I’m that surprised.

I don’t mean to be too critical. I’m sure it was just an oversight, but a reckless one regardless. Giving an automated system the power to terminate accounts isn’t going to end well for anybody. Could’ve had the system flag it and have an admin decide or anything, but instead let’s just make it terminate the account.


Confirmed- this is all over ROBLOX Reddit and Discord servers, goodness, this needs to be resolved right away. In the meantime, definitely would recommend to stay away from uploading assets.

Hope this gets fixed; I need to upload my fire mixtape this instant. :fire:


I’m a little scared to upload any audio at the moment because of this issue. I make my own music for games, so if anything happens with that, then something is wrong. :sweat_smile:


At least four of my friends have had their account terminated because of this in the past two days. Hopefully it is resolved, very scary!


Allegedly, the issue derives from audio refunds going haywire and people getting too much robux, so they’re getting terminated for an “exploit”. I would’ve thought from what was said on the thread about copyrighted music no one was getting refunds, but apparently look where we are now.


One more thing to add- what is appeals currently doing about this?
For example, look at an email such as this one:

“Moreover, if we have credited your account with more Robux then please do not worry your account would not get in any trouble if there were a glitch on our end enjoy your Robux.”

They’re terminating accounts for this.


This feels eerily similar to this


Seems kind of ironic they moderated themselves…


Completely unfair. The termination system is corrupt. Please fix this roblox.