[ROBLOXCRITICAL] Uploading copyrighted audio automatically terminating accounts

This just begs the question, will this effect those that have already uploaded copyrighted music too? Also, it’s quite funny how the whole bot situation isn’t being taken care of, yet this “solution” is completely barbaric!

Roblox, don’t turn into another YouTube. PLEASE.


They need to listen to our complaints and take note of them. I rarely see them respond.


This event has happened to my account being terminated 2 nights ago, and I just received this update from appeals:


So… not only are people getting terminated by a bot (and it’s still not been stopped yet), but Roblox are going directly against their word when ‘reviewing’ appeals.

I say ‘reviewing’ because the appeals system is completely broken and practically useless. I’ve seen so many unfair bans where people have gone to appeals to verify, and they confirm that they were breaking the rules with no indication of what it was that actually made them deserve the ban.
I’m talking things like how if you get banned for an old decal or audio you uploaded, they don’t tell you what it was. How is that meant to be useful at all? I can’t understand how anyone working at Roblox feels the moderation system is good enough right now, because it really isn’t.


Appeals system is basically the same for dev ex as well where they tell you “dev ex can be declined for x y z” but not why your dev ex was declined. Roblox really needs to rethink its customer support.

Side note, Ubisoft customer support it so bad. I report a hacker and the system sends me a message like Roblox does that they got my email and will reply it within 48 hours. 2 days later I get an email saying the email chain is now closed because I didn’t respond within 2 days… they said they were going to email me, how does that even make sense … I already emailed them all the information.

Customer support from companies just seem to dodge any customer support.


At this point it seems like the appeals email only exists to offload responsibility of dealing with upset banned people


My friend, owner of a group of over 11k members got a nice “little” 14 day ban for this. She was really confused as all she did was uploading audio as normal. This should we fixed as it’s affecting hundreds of users.

Not true, I had to appeal a suspension of my game and it helped. But I believe it’s hard to admit that you’ve screwed up yourself and that the one appealing is innocent.

Roblox just released an update regarding this incident, I’d direct her to this post


Issue has been resolved. Hopefully Roblox will restored the wrongfully banned / terminated accounts.


Based on the other threads, it is very hit or miss right now. There is one odd artifact of this with one of the people mentioned in the OP: https://twitter.com/SOULSTREETS1/status/1014870171415187457

This is the message that was in their appeal (image posted in tweet):

It looks like moderation wasn’t prepared for this type of incident, considering appeals after this are being ignored if ones were sent before this bug was discovered.


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