Robloxian United Nations Staff Handbook

Welcome! I see that you are reading our Staff Handbook.
If you are a guest, please refer to this Handbook; Robloxian United Nations Guest Handbook


Please refer to our Guest Handbook for rules;Robloxian United Nations Guest Handbook

Dress Code

Please wear a nicer shirt or our Official Uniform (Coming Soon!) You may have writing on your shirt/t- shirt on it but no inappropriate text. Colors: Please wear a neutral colored shirt. (White, black,gray, etc.)


Here at the R.U.N we give you access to admin commands.
Table of Commands-
-!warn - Supervisor+ - Format: (!warn) > (USERNAME) > (REASON) - Rules: Don’t not abuse this command or you will be punished. Don’t bypass with the command It will tag the it out in chat but not in the GUI you will be banned for a week. - It will auto kick the person who has revised 3 warnings.
-!tour - Tour Guide+ (Ranks Coming Soon!) - Format: (!warn) > (USERNAME) > (DURATION OF TOUR) - Rules: Same as !warn command. - Uses: To give someone a tour of the HQ. - Notes: Does not allowed guest even with the Tour GUI above their head through so please ask a Supervisor+ to bring them inside.
Admin Commands-
Supervisor- Mod. Commands
Admin- Head Admin Commands
Secretary General- Owner Commands
Don’t AA (Admin Abuse) or you will be demoted and will have to work your way back up again.


Current Ranks-
-Rep. (Representative)
-Secretary General (Owner)
New Ranks (Coming Soon!)-
-Tour Guide
-Customer Service Agent
-Security Officer
-Chief of Touring
-Chief of Customer Service
-Chief of Security
-Chief of The Representatives
-Head of Staff
-Secretary General

How to Get a Promotion

Visitor - Trainee - In order to get a promotion from Visitor to Trainee, take the R.U.N Trainee Application (Powered by myCenter) and if you pass you will be ranked to Trainee.
Trainee - LR - If you are a trainee and are wishing to be allowed to work, please attend a training then pick your job.
LR - MR - Work hard and get noticed by an MR/HR/SR.
MR - HR - Get noticed by a HR or take the Admin Application.
HR - SR - Not able to be ranked, only for the Secretary General and Head of Staff.

That’s about it for the staff! Good luck on your journey through the R.U.N!

NOTICE: This group will stop all operations at the end of the year due to it not getting enough members. I will post a new link once I get a new group up. Sorry for the inconvenience. -RUN Management

NOTICE: This handbooks will no longer be in use due to reasons stated above. Sorry for the inconvenience. -RUN Management

NOTICE: Therefore we will not be redoing the ranks as the group is ceasing all operations due to not enough traction. We will be coming with a DevFourm post explaining more soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. -RUN Management

I have made the decision to keep the group up and running. So we aren’t closing! Yay!