Roblox's Moderation Needs To Be Fixed


I’m sorry, how exactly has it gotten better? This is the second time this year that users are being mass terminated by a faulty, clearly rushed algorithm. Why does the moderation team never seem to understand what is going on with their system? It’s always a ‘mistake’ with no explanation ever to how they let it happen. Things like this are what make Roblox seem unprofessional.

What’s happening this year with moderations is the two worst situations (plugin and audio bans) I’ve personally heard of in Roblox’s history. It seems like moderations are getting worse, and it’s not like this is just a small mistake.

This is a huge issue and for Roblox to be taken seriously, they need to take their developers more seriously, and in this case their whole playerbase. How can this be going on for days with no proper response? What are they doing to fix the issue? Why are users still banned and terminated when it’s clear they know about the issue now?


Roblox needs to do something about the moderation system ASAP. If what the mods say about moderation being done by humans is true, then something as simple as banning, warning, or terminating players shouldn’t be the number 1 priority that it seems to be! Mistakes can be made, sure, but something like these examples are more than just mistakes. Bad moderation like this, regardless of human work or AI work, cannot be tolerated!


Wonder what would happen if all the front page games closed themselves for a day in protest, they would probably get banned for a made up reason with how bad the moderation system is at this point.


I side with you on this, Cindering.

I am absolutely clueless on why the system is this way. I don’t even have a guess to it, which is generally something I can do. I’ve actually started to worry that if a user were to target my account, I could be terminated because they try to do a bunch of receipt validations.

The last thing I want is the danger and fear of losing everything on my account as a result of incorrect moderation. The losses would be beyond anything I’ve ever accumulated anywhere else.

The best way to fix this? Communication! This idea goes in closely with Reply #3.


I would never do anything to jeopardize my relationship with Roblox, but rarely I’ll get a nonsense ban and appeals just ignores it so I’m stuck banned for 3 days despite being a developer who devexes with roblox frequently.


Can we get a staff response on this topic, just once? I’m kind of sick of hearing “We’re working on it” - I want to know why it is this bad in the first place.


100% Agree, I was banned for “Scamming” for 3 days sometime in 2013 and 2014 for an “unlimited coins” game pass that was for one of my games which did work if the player paid attention to how to use the gamepass. Luckily the ban was reversed when Shedleysky who used to be on Roblox cleared everything up or else my Devex eligibility may of been compromised.


I have a suggestion for the fix to the moderation, just like what CS:GO implemented into their games. In ranked, you could have a ‘trust factor’. Like most users above mentioned, including the main post, a reputation system is required for less problematic moderation.

I approve the idea to rework the moderation and additional safeguards to the moderation.


“Please keep in mind that if you were determined to have exploited this bug, the moderation action will not be changed.”

Inb4 they just determine everyone was exploiting it and bot reply to appeal emails…


Developers shouldn’t have to be scared to upload content in fear of risking their account being banned and losing all of their hard work on this site, and everything they own from assets to groups and catalog items which they most often spend real money to obtain.

When content creators are being so very careful with the content they are uploading and things still get moderated and bans still being given mistake or not, then how can content creators trust this site at all? I’ve already seen a few developers leave Roblox over similar issues that people are talking about in this thread, which shouldn’t even be issues in the first place.

Hopefully the moderation system is improved for the better for both devs and players, because this is a place for fun not fear.


Surprised no staff have contacted me about the aforementioned issue where a ton of my buddies were either banned or warned for very poor reasons.


And this is an unfortunate truth. If you don’t have a voice, or connections, or a platform, and you’re falsely moderated (which must have happened to many, many people that we don’t know about), there is not a lot you can do. You can appeal, but if your ban is within 1-3 days, there is no point, because by the time you receive a reply, your ban would’ve already expired, and you will ultimately feel cut short. For bans longer than that, the best and only thing you could do is appeal; and for aspiring developers, this is surely discouraging.

Time after time, Roblox has tried to institute automatic bans that have never gone right, and you’d think that after all this criticism, from as long as Roblox has been around, the moderation system would be better than it is now. I think that it is particularly interesting how the ability to view your Moderation History is no longer available, which in times where bans and warnings, particularly false ones, are given more frequently, could be to hide how many times they’ve messed up.


Agreed. This isn’t the first time I’ve complained about the moderation system. Once got a 3 day ban for a really old forum post quite some time back. Apparently the moderation team couldn’t tell when a forum post was made. I’m hoping that was fixed since then (although maybe a moot point, since forums are gone). I also complained about not knowing what you were banned for a while back as well.

Your list is really good, especially having greater communication and transparency. At the very least, it would give us reason to trust Roblox, and know that we aren’t just being responded to by a bot. Honestly, the emails from the appeals team seems so automated and impersonal at times, I almost wouldn’t even want to bother.

Other things that I'd like to see.
  1. More enforcement against clothing copiers and/or better catalog searching.

  2. If it’s not done already, give the moderation team more info about assets that are easily accessible (especially time of something). Basically a set of tools to help determine if something is bad or not, especially things that’d help speed along moderation.

  3. The ability for end users to have a way to view evidence, even if it was deemed adult content or whatever.

  4. Create a program were trusted users will have their reports ‘prioritized’, while users who tend to send false reports (especially reports sent en masse) may lose their ability to report others. It would likely reduce the rate that false reports are sent, while trusted members bring more blatant problems straight to the moderators.

  5. Create a volunteer team similar to the old forum moderation team, possibly signing a contract and proving they’re 18+ (or whatever legalities are required). Give them the ability to communicate with the moderation team, and various other powers. Help ease the workload basically.

4-5 probably have their own problems, but 1-3 would be really nice to have.

For those curious, two other related posts:
  1. Another post criticising the moderation system

  2. Ads rejected. This was later resolved quite well by the staff, but was still a cause for concern.


I have just encounter a huge incident with moderation, something seriously needs top be done. More information of what happened can be found here:


This is completely outrageous.

Roblox, you guys need to proactively restore any and all accounts that were incorrectly terminated by this audio refund glitch. You can’t just tell people “oops, sorry we accidentally deleted your account for no reason, but if you email appeals they might help you out.” The appeals system is clearly useless here. They are refusing to unban completely innocent users. They do not understand this situation at all.

And there’s undoubtedly a ton of other users who were incorrectly rejected by appeals and are not a part of the developer forum, so they now have no way to get their accounts back themselves. This is the worst possible way this situation could have been handled.

Audio Refund Incident

I agree 100% with this. Even though accounts were possibly seen exploiting this on purpose, they are only doing it because THEY HAD the ability to do so. If they didn’t had the ability to do so, this situation wouldn’t have reached to this point. This entire audio incident sets back so many things for many users besides my self, especially towards other developers. I have been communicating with a user outside of the forums about the situation who has been impacted by it, and he has came down to this after getting no information or help from moderation:

At the end of our conversation, he mentions:


This is just 1 out of many cases that are happening outside of the developer community. Something must be done.


Roblox as a platform is too big to moderate by man power alone. It has also grown to the size and age where a company simply can’t function efficiently anymore. I don’t want to trash talk or anything, but the reality is that a lot of the people who make the decisions that impact us as developers and the player base, simply has never played Roblox and don’t actually understand it as intimately as they should.

I’m sure that there are plenty of rules given to moderators which don’t really make much sense (they don’t really like to share much information so I’m just going to assume that there’s more than what I’ve noticed on my own). Just to name one rule that doesn’t make much sense that I know of is that they’re not allowed to approve assets with images that can’t really be seen. So if I upload a simple 3x3 or 2x2 pixel texture (for low memory usage reasons, I purposely choose really small textures to ensure that the texture sizes don’t hog unnecessary memory), then it will be declined because they couldn’t see the texture. Either the moderation tools aren’t where they should be or this rule doesn’t work as intended.

Idk, just overall as a dev I find myself time and time again just face palming at how much of a hassle it is to upload assets.

Regarding the recent “audio exploit” which from what I can tell is really just a big mess up on Roblox’s part and I doubt even a slight percentage of the people who got banned did this intentionally as a way to make money. A bunch of users has contacted me on Twitter and Discord asking for help, random users that from what I can tell haven’t made a name for themselves yet so they don’t have access to the dev forums to complain. All I could do was to direct them to appeals. And hearing that the appeals guys just turn people away even after all of this is well… Extremely disappointing to say the least.

I doubt Roblox will be able to pull out a list of all users that got banned for this particular reason and restore their accounts. But considering how the mass plugin ban thing happened before, and now this? Honestly, I really hope Roblox will consider upgrading the moderation tools quite extensively and especially add some way to restore accounts on such large quantities as this. A case by case review doesn’t seem efficient enough and there is bound to be plenty of people falling between the cracks.

I doubt anything will change though as this will most likely fall upon deaf ears. But one can always dream. :man_shrugging:


Even users which are a part of the devforums are having an extremely difficult time restoring their accounts, making little to no progress themselves, as far as I am aware.


Why are high level power users assigned the same moderators as bots and bacon hairs? If I report someone for exploiting or selling robux offsite, it should be handled by a different moderation team then the guys who handle reports sent in by fpsplayerjohnny2006 complaining that “this guy keeps killing me in jailbreak”. High level power user’s image assets/textures should be handled by a different(and better trained) team than the moderators who moderate when BaconHairEarl uploads a picture of his dog that he found in his pictures folder.

Give devforum members and power users (users who have been on the platform for a long time, DevEx, have bought builders club for years, have millions of robux/ place visits, own huge groups, etc…) their own moderation team that’s trained differently, and have their own section of the devforum where they can be contacted.

(the usernames in this post are fictional and do not represent any actual users :yum:)


This reads a lot like ‘let’s make sure that the ones able to complain about it won’t face the problem any longer’. This reduces the overall visibility of the problem as a whole since high-profile users won’t bring it up, while anyone who isn’t part of the lucky few is completely abandonned.

When there is a problem for everyone, let’s make sure it’s solved for everyone, shall we?