Robux Game Cash Suggestions

Hopefully this is the correct category. I had a question, for my game I’m making where you can purchase in game cash for Robux. I wanted some suggestions on how much Robux for in game cash. So you could make a chart like the one below for an example.

Robux 50 Robux
Game Cash 1,000

You could also simply do

100 Robux = 500 InGameCash
500 Robux = 1000 InGameCash

Robux 25 Robux 50 Robux 100 Robux 250 Robux 1000 Robux
Game Cash 250 500 1000 2500 10000

You could also make higher Robux values a better deal and not just a 10x rate.

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I would suggest for the largest values of cash, you give discounts. For example, if 1,000 in-game cash is 100 robux, then perhaps 10,000 in-game cash would be 900 robux.

I would arrange it like this

100RS = 50

250RS = 100

500RS = 175

And so on

Better values mean that players spend more for more cash

I misspelled the value, I meant 900 robux.

Oh, never mind then

That is a good value i guess

For god’s sake please do not make your game:

  1. Pay2Win (Don’t make them too cheap)
  2. a Money Trap (Charge them extra)

That all depends on how much your in-game cash is worth and how rare/difficult it is to get.

But some things to note when pricing content:

  • $1 USD worth of R$ is 80 R$, which you would earn about $0.19 USD (including the 30% cut) via DevEx.
  • An item priced at 400 R$ would get you about $0.98 USD (includign the 30% cut) via DevEx.
  • Base Premium users get 450 R$ a month and also get a 10% bonus on R$ purchases.
  • Please don’t sell things in your shop where it would require buying a larger bundle of in-game currency because the smaller one is barely not enough.
    (Example would be selling an item for $300 in-game premium currency, but only selling currency bundles of $250 and $500 in-game premium currency, forcing the player to buy way more premium currency than they actually want. This is gross and manipulative design.)

Doesn’t make sense? 250RS = 100 and 500RS = 175, Then just buy 2 of 250 and you get more LOL


Ok, maybe I was kind of cheap

Its meant to encourage people to buy more cash because of the value, instead of less for less

Better example

500RS = 1000
900RS = 2000

Holy cow, every one is giving different prices. How about clout’s post?

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The amount of Robux You Should Charge Your Players for In-Game Currency Highly Depends on your game and your game difficulty (my opinion).

Charge the Players according to the Difficulty of the Game
Like if Earning Cash is Hard in your game, make the price of the Cash in Robux a little high,
if Earning Cash is Easy in your game, make the price of the Cash in Robux low.

Hmm, it’s a roleplay game. I’m planning to add ways to get cash by, making arrest, fighting fires, pay checks every 20 minutes, etc. What prices you think I should do? I just hate when I have the responsibility of choosing since players could get angry at me. I wanted to hear feedback what other people think are good prices

Unless money is really hard to get, 25 robux for 250 money is a scam.

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Ok. Tell me if these prices are good.

1,000 Robux = 100,000 Game Cash
500 Robux = 50,000 Game Cash
250 Robux = 25,000 Game Cash
100 Robux = 1,000 Cash Cash
50 Robux = 5,000 Game Cash

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Why does 100 robux only give 1000 cash and 50 robux gives 5000?

Changed some stuff around. Does this look good?


Accidently put that there ADDING CHARACTERS

Really, what you should base your cash on is how easy it is to get.

Let’s say it takes a user 30 minutes and a bunch of quests to get 1K cash, you would want to charge more than 50 Robux for it as it is worth more.
However, if users get 1K cash every minute, 50 Robux is a lot for that.

Personally, I like to do Robux purchase amounts(80, 400, 800, 1700, ETC). So if you want to stay with the rate of 20 cash per 1 Robux(1K cash = 50 Robux), I would sell 1.6K cash for 80 and so on.

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It depends on how much your in-game cash is worth and how much you plan on selling.

Obviously scale your costs based on how much your cash is worth.

Probably make larger amounts a better deal.

If you don’t plan on selling a ton (aka it’s a small/short game without much content), you should probably make the conversion rate very over powered so players have a valid reason to purchase cash on a small/short game.