Robux purchases are taking money even if they fail

In Adopt Me right now purchases are failing but Robux is still subtracted from users’ accounts. This is happening to a significant amount of users. Both PC and mobile users have reported this to us.

As you can see in the video, the purchases subtract Robux despite the error message:
Your purchase of Pet Kitsune (50 OFF) failed because something went wrong. Your account has not been charged. Please try again later.

The first reports we’ve got of this started at 12:18 PM EST today, and this is most frequently reported with the Pet Kitsune dev product with ID 1011886322.

Some users are claiming rejoining gets their issue, though we’ve only heard this a few times, compared to the hundreds of reports saying it’s not working.


I’m no professional, but might it be because of the mass purchases of the kitsune pet? :confused: I know the update came out earlier, around this time, and a lot of people I assume will have gone to buy that pet, possibly flooding the system which handles purchases.

Again, no professional and I hope someone at Roblox can fix this if it is an internal issue.


This is something I have never seen before. The product may have certain troubles functioning correctly, which may cause it to misbehave. I wouldn’t recommend spamming it, it would just duplicate the entire thing. Its very odd seeing this happening even if the robux is being used for the propaganda of this entire happening, in which case is the main error.


Unless this was typed wrong, what I’m assuming is this is not only the Kitsune product, but Adopt Me products as a whole.

However, I can also imagine people faking it to get free pets, as the majority of the playbase is kids, so I would follow this advice just in case. :+1:

In investigating this, I tested the following to see if this could be a developer-caused error:

  • Erroring in ProcessReceipt
  • Returning NotProcessedYet in ProcessReceipt
  • Returning Granted (for completeness)
  • Doing nothing

None of these implementations cause the following error that this bug report is about. In other words, it is impossible for this bug to be caused by us in any normal circumstances including erroring code.

To be certain, I also looked through error logs and did not find any errors from ProcessReceipt.


It’s most likely due to the fact that Roblox’s servers are pushed due to their limits due to the amount of players on Adopt Me whenever an update releases, like what we’ve seen before. Could be something else, though.

Yeah, that’s what I was initially thinking. I used to play Adopt Me myself, and as soon as updates come out kids jump to the store / place where you purchase the pet or item, and it ends up breaking Roblox’s servers 9/10 times. I watched my sister join, and the store(?) where you can buy the Kitsune was packed. I mentioned this, (edit for clarity: the point about where the servers could be broken or down,) here:

I’d not be shocked if Roblox was having processing issues.

If I remember correctly, the Robux still gets taken, but it gets put back in 2 days (I could be wrong). And also, ProcessReceipt keeps getting called at different times whether the purchase failed or succeeded, so that could explain the 2 day mechanic.


I did some testing and made a purchase in a live game, and indeed Robux still gets deducted (note that I don’t have your error). I made sure there was no way the purchase could be granted. Again, I’m pretty sure my Robux will be put back into my account sometime. Also note that the user is told the purchase was successful.


It happened to me in other games as well but when I went back to the home page I still had my 71,570 even tho I spammed trying to buy it but on the ui it said I have less. Weird.

A great rule of thumb: If something doesn’t work, don’t keep trying to do it, it usually doesn’t end well. :grin:


Never knew it could be a problem, end of the day I lost 0 robux.

Yes, but just as a general rule of thumb, because if those payments did go through, that’d be a fair bit of robux lost.

At the end all was well, but I’d be careful in future positions like this.


Most probably due to the amount of purchases happening at once, or it’s either a server issue as Roblox servers are reaching the max at the moment with the amount of players the game is having. This is mainly something Roblox needs to look at.

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It still may take time to load, due to the amount of purchases that people have made. Its most uncertainly the cause and effect, but its most probably the game’s fault for making the origin of this error.

I also see this bug, I purchased a pizza motorcycle in the work at pizza place game by Dued1, I bought in the game store and I got the motorcycle. Everything was fine until today I joined the game, I spawn a motorcycle but it said ‘you already own this item, your account has not been charged’ and the motorcycle didn’t spawn, I check everything and I m sure I owned it and then the next day I join different servers and the issue wstill happens


You should contact the developer of that game. If you read the post here, your issue is not the same as the one discussed in this topic.


Oh thank you also sorry for posting in wrong topic :frowning:

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I bought 80 Robux today, it said it was declined and nothing was charged, it charged my card and never gave my robux. I contacted support.

Closing this as it hasn’t happened since July 2020.