Robux transaction list is incomplete


It is not possible to accurately reconcile my Robux balance because the list of transactions affecting my balance is incomplete.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Note your Robux balance
  2. Run a 1-day Sponsored Ad for a cost of 1000 Robux
  3. Notice your Robux balance is immediately reduced by 1000
  4. Visit the Robux Transactions Page
  5. Notice there is no record of the 1000 Robux transaction that affected your balance

Observed Behavior

There is no available way to get a true picture of the actual transactions affecting the balance, because certain adjustments are not visible on the Transactions page, including Sponsored Ad spend.

Expected Behavior

The Robux balance should be treated with the same accuracy as any other Stored Value account, the value and the transactions affecting it are critically important to have accurately documented. You would not expect your Bank Account balance to have changes that are not fully documented in the Ledger. At a minimum, expect to have a category to view Advertising Spend and any other transactions which may be currently hidden from view on this page.

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We’ve filled a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and we will update you when we have further information.

Thanks for the report!


Hey @FirstVertex

One of our engineers wants to know these things:

  1. The example you gave in “Steps to reproduce” was something that actually happened to you or just an example scenario?
    Asking because he checked our backend records, but there was no recent charge of 1000 Robux sponsored ad from you.
    If it was real, could we get some details on when you bought it? (the day could be enough)
  2. Do you see any records in the “My transaction page” for previously bought sponsored ads? There should be a sponsored ad drop down category like in this image:

Let me know, thanks!

The 1000 Robux was just an example.

If you look at my Sponsored Ad page, you’ll see dozens of examples of ads that I try to run, that Roblox stops. (Tracking this bug separately). Each time, the Robux are removed from the account with no record. Also, when the system stops my ads, it gives me a refund, and the refund is also not ever visible in my Robux account ledger. Both of those transactions should be visible, somewhere.

In the picture that you posted, there is a category in the dropdown for “Sponsored Ad Spend”. But on my account when I look for that, I do not see that option in the dropdown!


Gotcha, we will be back if we need more information!

Thank you!

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