RoGold - Development Tools

RoGold is a Roblox extension that I have been working on since early this summer. It currently has 100k+ users on Chrome and 6k+ on Edge.

My goal for this extension is to help players and developers alike. I am especially focusing on the developing part by creating efficient and useful tools to improve your workflow, as this was the original goal of the extension. There are several tools that I have already developed which should help devs. Some of these are:

Pinned games

Pin your game to launch studio in that exact game with one click


(Up to 6 and 12 with purchase)

DevHub search

Search the developer hub directly from your Roblox search bar


Plugin scanner

RoGold automatically scans library plugins to make sure they are safe to use


Currency convert

Convert Robux amounts to 170 different currencies


(3 different conversion rates. DevEx most relevant for devs though)

Bulk upload decals

Upload multiple decals/images at a time


(Dark theme is also available on create page)


Right-click an asset to have the option to copy its id


(Many types of different assets support this)

Audio preview

Preview any audio in the developer marketplace


And more being worked on...

This is a post to showcase some of these features, inviting you to use them (these are all free of charge of course) and to ask for feedback on the current features. If you have ideas or features you would like to see, this is the time to tell them too! RoGold development features will continue to be free to use as I want to help the development community as much as possible. These features are personally some I have needed while developing on Roblox so I hope everyone else can get just as much use out of them.


Can confirm, this is an awesome extension. Looking forward to more features.


This is hands down one of the best Roblox extensions I’ve ever used, really looking forward to see more features being worked on in the future, good luck!


Absolutely love it! Highly recommended to get the best features in the market.


Is the source code available on GitHub like other popular Roblox extensions (BTRoblox)?


Nope and it probably won’t be. The only way I can spend so much time making these features is if I keep it closed source to implement smaller things you can purchase. These features require several hours of work each day to produce unfortunately.


Awesome extension, extremely useful and optimized. Thanks!!!


Incredible extension. Some of the features here are free that RoPro makes you pay for.



I’ve actually been using this extension for a while now, and I didn’t know there was a DevForum post about it. I only knew their was a Discord Server for it which I’m already in.


Actually just made the post today :slight_smile:


Oop. It seemed I didn’t pay attention to the creation date.

Beginner’s mistake :sweat_smile:

Anyway, great extension! Perfect for my account.

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Just because your have a paid version does not mean you shouldn’t have a repository. Extensions like BTRoblox have people that also spent long hours writing the extension, and even wrote a binary RBXM parser.

I personally wouldn’t use this plugin as I do not know what is going on behind the scenes. I would like to have the ability to browse the source code of an extension that is capable of performing actions in my browser.


Just use Chrome’s Inspect Tool to see if there’s anything suspicious.

IIRC, you can’t trigger the DevTools for extensions unless 1) an exception is thrown and 2) it’s a local dev extension (not sure). Regardless, you can’t see the index file, only the background file.

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Let me check myself and I’ll tell you later

So the extension has 5 stars (215 reviews) over 60k+ users and you are still saying that the extension is not safe? Then how 60k+ are still using the extension even the YouTuber named ‘SharkBlox’ said that the extension is safe and have a lot of cool features.

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Yeah. I wouldn’t worry about the source code if lots of reliable references say that its safe.


Ratings can be botted. It may not be plausible in your eyes, but remember, anything is possible.

As for relying on others for clarification about source code, it doesn’t have to be noticeable for it to be malicious, which is obvious.

An example is a IP logger on a website’s backend. Will you ever know that it logs your IP address? Of course not. But does it? Yes.


This soo helpful. Things like searching the DevHub and uploading multiple images will be a game changer. Thank you so much.


Reviews and ratings mean nothing to the safety of a closed source program. It can log ROBLOSECURITY tokens in the background and save them for a rainy day, and other things.

You can in fact monetize an open source application. A popular example of this is Aseprite. You can buy it for $20, however you can compile it yourself for free.

It looks cool and all, but due to it being closed source I’m likely not going to use it. Also it seems to be only available on Chrome?

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