Rogue 19 - Looking For Experienced Developers - The Division Style Game

I’m looking for pretty experienced developers.

I recently pitched an idea to make a game, called Rogue 19, based off of the Dark Zone from The Division games.

I went into more detail here, please give it a read:

Rogue 19 Game Idea

About Me
I’m mainly a builder, I’ve built for about a year or two but took a break from Roblox, I might reply with some examples if I can find screenshots of them. But I’m also wanting to learn scripting and some UI design in my free time.

The roles I’m looking for:
Builder (maybe 1 or 2 more)
Scripter (must be pretty experienced)
UI Designer (for menus, ammo gui, etc)
Voice Actor (possibly, would be neat instead of ripping sounds form The Division
Sound Manager (someone in charge of sounds like abilities, walking on surfaces, gunfire, etc.) (Might also tie in with Voice Acting)
Gun Designer (In charge of making guns, maybe scripting as well, might also tie in with Building/Scripting)

Now you might ask, why so many roles? The answer simple, it’s a big project. I’d attempt to make the game solo, but it wouldn’t live up to its full potential. However, I plan to make like a “demo” of the game and idea to get people/developers on board.

There’s currently no budget and pay isn’t decided. I do plan to eventually figure out a pay, I don’t want your work to go unnoticed. There will also 100% be credits on the game, probably the menus. HOWEVER, there’s a ton of possibilities to monetize. (You’ll know if you’ve played either of The Division games.) Cosmetics, maybe an xp boost (or boost tokens for a certain amount of time, similar to The Division and will add up a lot of revenue), maybe even allowing players to invest into the game to support us and get special benefits.

Also keep in mind, this will be my first big project, and real project to be finished (hopefully).

There will be a Roblox group made so that all the funds can be paid out according by percentage once the game is finished. Might even do an early access where players can buy access to the game to support us and give them a sneak peek at what’s to come.

TL;DR: Go read all of it, don’t be lazy, it’s important information.

If you’re interested in developing (or just watching the progress), join the server or add me on Discord:

Rogue 19 Discord Server




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