Need Feedback on Game Idea

I recently had a game idea for a silly shooter game, but I have another idea to pitch that I’ve had for about a year now.

The name is Rogue 19

The idea is similar to The Division’s Dark Zone.
If you’re unsure what the Dark Zone is, it’s a zone(s) set in the map of The Division where real players meet for a pvp and pve experience.

Agents can earn special loot from the Dark Zone by killing AI enemies in open world or in designated Landmarks. Landmarks are areas where a bit of enemies are spawned and you fight through a few waves before fighting a named enemy (boss) for a chance at really high loot.

Upon collecting your desired amount of loot, or stealing it from another player, you must make your way to an extraction zone to call for a helicopter. Everyone can look at the map and see that you’re extracting. You wait a certain amount of time before it arrives, while fighting off AI and possibly real players. When it arrives, you attach loot to the rope and wait for the timer to run out. While loot is on the rope, agents can go rogue and cut the rope to steal your loot. If the exfil is successful, the loot is pretty much added to your inventory for you to use.

Agents can go rogue at any time and fight other agents, whether they are rogue or not. After a certain amount of kills while rogue, you warn Manhunt status, which shows your location to everyone on the map, and you can be seen through walls when in proximity. I don’t think there’s a set number of how high the manhunt counter goes, but it increases after kills. You can then make your way to marked spots on the map to hack a terminal to remove the manhunt status, which in return gives you a bit of xp.

Now, I’d plan to make the game fairly similar to The Davison with the third person shooter, abilities, gear, etc. but obviously add my own touches and names to things.

I also feel that there’s a lot of room to add on to the game, and plenty of chances to monetize it. From weapon skins, new weapons, new zones, new enemies, etc. the possibilities are endless.

If you read this far, thank you.
If you didn’t:

The Division’s Dark Zone on Roblox


This is a really good game idea!
Wish you the best of luck making it!


Thank you! Means a lot really! I’ll definitely keep the devforum updated on the progress!

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Incredible game idea! Hope to see it soon!


Thank you as well! Hopefully I can start on it this week while I’m on vacation and get a team on top of it soon!


oops forgot to like post sorry xd

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