Rojo Explorer - VSCode plugin to provide path autocompletion and an explorer for Rojo

Rojo Explorer

Rojo Explorer is an extension that is made to help ease developers with their workload while using Rojo. This extension provides an “explorer” which allows you to view any instances that is managed by Rojo, and also provides path autocompletion for all Rojo-managed instances.

View the source code here
Get the extension here

How to use

Inorder to use this extension, you must have Rojo installed. The Rojo Explorer plugin relies on Rojo’s server (must be launched, using rojo serve) to provide all instance data.

When you open your workspace you then need to press F1, which will open a command bar, inside of the command bar you will need to run Rojo: Open Explorer, this will then prompt you to provide the web address provided by Rojo, and wil open the explorer and initialise the extension.

To view the explorer you will need to click on the VSCode “Explorer” tab, at the bottom of the screen it should say “Rojo Explorer” and then you can uncollapse the menu inorder to view it.


This plugin comes with 2 main features:

  • The explorer view, which allows you to see any instances that are managed by Rojo. If you click on any script that is inside of the explorer view it will open that script inside of your default editor.
  • Custom Intellisense, which provides path autocompletion on any instances that are managed by Rojo.

Known Issues

Due to the extension being newly made, it has a few issues with it that are planned to be fixed in future releases.

Explorer and intellisense will not update when Rojo is updated
You are able to get around this by running the Rojo: Open Explorer command. This is planned to be implemented in the future

Events, properties and functions do not autofill
This is a feature that I plan to implement in the future, however it will require some major re-coding due to how the extension is coded.


I believe you have just answered many prayers sir. :crown:

This is awesome! Thanks for making this, I might try it out sometime.

What benefit does this have over something like Rojo UI?


Unlike Rojo UI, this provides autocompletion for any instances, so that rather than having to type game.ReplicatedStorage.Remote, you can simply type one letter and then it will autocomplete the instance.

This image provides an example:


Based on your source, it wont be able to provide auto-completion in most cases, and relies entirely on syntax widely considered to be bad practice (game.Service instead of game:GetService("Service")) to work. Correct me if I’m wrong.

This is why I haven’t implemented autocomplete in my source yet, and would prefer to use something like Selene.


Ah, that’s a good point, I should probably have :GetService() implemented

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That wouldn’t solve your issue.

What happens when someone does

local service = game:GetService("Service")

and then expects it to autocomplete when they access service? What you’re trying to implement is best left to a linter.

I’ll probably work on implementing it into something like kampfkarren’s roblox-lua-autofills as you have some good points, and it cuts down on the number of extensions that people will have to do similar/the same things

This’ll be useful, it’s similar to the Dex explorer I’ve used before, but with a much better script editor. Also, what’s Rojo?

Rojo is a program that allows you to use third party editors and sync it into roblox

Ah, thanks for clarifying, and a nice creation you have.

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interesting extension, one thing that I’d like to point out is the fact that ALL items are sorted in alphabetic order, unlike Rojo UI and the Roblox explorer itself,

this is the Roblox explorer,

and this is your extension,

the fact that EVERYTHING is sorted in alphabetic order, instead of folders being the top objects, gives me a feeling of unorganization, I’m sticking to Rojo UI until this is solved, nevertheless, great extension!

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Not sure if you’re still supporting this or not, but I can’t seem to get files to open, even with VSCode as the default program for opening .lua files.


any plans to update this to rojo 7.x?