RoLink - New Upcoming Discord Bot

Hey there Developers!

I have spent the past couple months thinking of making a Public Rank Bot, (Simular to RoVerify). I would like to see what your thoughts are on this?

I would like to have some of you guys suggest what YOU think should be in it? (Commands Wise). So far I have planned:

Group Linking (Checks if the Verified user is the group owner).
Group Managing,
Devfourm Lookup
What Else would you guys want?

This will be coded in node.js
All Data will be protected by my Custom Package (Converts them to # )
This will be out in a week or 2.

You can check out the Progress here at :
or at the Discord

Any questions can be asked down below or in my DMs.



Open to Suggestions,

(Feel free to Post / DM.)

I am now open to Suggestions!!

Not sure if you have this already, but auto assigning discord roles based on group rank.

As an Event (Where you type and it will auto assign it)? Or as a Command like (!getroles).

You should introduce the ability to automatically link accounts if they’re using the same verified Roblox account (so let’s say if I ban a user “David” all of the accounts he has verified on will also get banned). Bans would also crossover to any new accounts he verifies until the ban date has expired.

This is what I plan to do for my own community’s bot to prevent alt accounts, just that little bit more.


So like if the Username is David1001 It would ban all Users verified with that account or Anyone with the name David?

Anyone who are verified under the name. Not the nickname.

Ok, thanks for the Suggestion, I will note it down and maybe work on it!

Additionally, being able to view all the users other accounts linked to them for staff would be handy. (Discord accounts linked to their Roblox account, possibly all Roblox accounts linked to their Discord but not sure if that breaches privacy).

That are linked to that Bot or the Rover API? Or both?

Added a New Feature to the Admin Panel:

Bot Support can now view your Server Settings (GroupID, role info).

– For you Server Owners you can also Add the bot via the Dashboard.

Might add Manage Persons Roles via Site, Maybe Coming soon.

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This seems very cool. Would you have to buy a premium membership to unlock certain features like with Bloxlink?

I am not planning to make it Paid Anytime soon, But there will be a Donation Tab on the Site soon. Maybe I will make a Paid Bot which will be hosted Separatly, But I most likely wont. My plan is to make an All in One, Free bot. I just need Command Ideas for now , It is in BETA right now, But not many commands, I have been working on it for over 2 months, (Planning) , It just now needs commands .

What about a group shout command?

Are you talking about something like GroupInfo?

I believe she’s referring to the actual shout feature on groups.

Of course, this would require bots and because of the captcha that may be an issue if you want it completely automatic.

Group Shouts dont have Captchas, The way the System works is the Server Owner must be Verified in that Group Owners Account, Then they can set a Roblox Account for it. Then they will access the Group Commands,




Got Any more Suggestions? Just send them Below!

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