Roll! Devlog #1 - Creating the movement system / Map generation

Roll Devlog #1 - Movement and map generation

Roll is an experience in development where you control a ball rolling down a randomly-generated infinite course filled with obstacles and unique challenges. You compete against other players to be the last player standing. The winner earns credits, which can be spent on cosmetic items for your ball.

Part 1 - Movement system

Players can move their ball left and right. Currently, the system uses a consistent velocity, meaning there are no acceleration vectors. This may change later on. The movement is handled on the client for smooth gameplay, but I will be adding velocity checks server-side as an anti-exploit.

Part 2 - Infinite map generation

Map generation works by selecting random pre-made courses/stages and combining them together to form one large level. The amount of stages per level is currently 10, but will change in the future so that it automatically adds more stages as players progress through the level, thus making it infinite.


Cool! Did you actually get this copyrighted?

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Lol of course not. Just saying, please don’t steal my idea… :frowning:

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Oh ok lol. Dw I won’t steal it. Anyway this seems like a really fun game. I would definitely play this when it comes out. Good luck!

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This game feels awfully similar to the slope flashgames that you can find on the internet. I understand that this is your first devlog, but I’m looking forward to seeing you making this your own game.

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It’s actually inspired from those games! This will be different though - I plan to add customizable skins, multiplayer, way more stages, and a whole lot more!

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