Roll-Off Visualizer - A plugin that visualizes sound in 3D space

Roll-Off Visualizer is a plugin I made (my first one, actually) that lets you visualize Sound instances and their roll-off values in 3D space!

For each Sound instance in the workspace that is a child of a BasePart or Attachment, the plugin generates two spheres of a random colour, one sphere for the RollOffMinDistance property and one for the RollOffMaxDistance property. No more guessing distances to make realistic audio, now you can actually see it!

The plugin also supports the Volumetric Audio beta feature, and if enabled, distances are calculated from the surface of the parent part. But it’s not perfect, sometimes it can be quieter around certain parts of the sphere. This is only for Volumetric Audio though, normal audio has no problems (that I found).

Here’s a GitHub if you’d like to contribute:

I’m new to plugins, GitHub, and pretty much sharing community resources in general so any feedback is appreciated!


This looks very nice. Thanks for the contribution!


This looks useful, and well made. Thanks for this :grin:

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I think you made a typo there, you probably meant the first one to be “RollOffMinDistance” or something.

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I always wanted this as a roblox feature, unfortunately still isn’t, but thankfully this plugin is a thing!

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Thanks, I didn’t catch that lol

Love the plugin although if it was in a dock-widget to allow for more variety in settings that’d be amazing.
Such as I’ve love to be able to hover over the circle and it give me the path of that audio or if I enabled a setting it’ll only show sounds that have the “Playing” property enabled.

So far though I’m in love with the plugin, not sure why roblox didnt implement this when they did the light visualizations update.

also I noticed the icon looked a bit boring, figured I could spice it up a bit for ya



Thanks for the feedback, I like your ideas! I’m not working on the plugin as of now, maybe in the future I’ll look into making it a dock-widget.

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O.N.G ^-^

Finally! :roll_eyes: Extremely surprised one of these plugins has not come out already, I’ve searched and searched! ;O

Thank you senpai!!!

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An issue has risen with this when sounds are parented to attachments.

This completely breaks all of the visualisation.

Will be using this. Great resource!!