RollOffMode documentation



Fairly straight forward: The RollOffMode page has no visuals that describe how the different enumerations behave. I’m probably not the only one who opened that page thinking it would give me an idea on what to expect from every enumeration, but instead it just lists the names and their identities. What is a LinearSquare and what is an InverseTapered? I have no clue and I tried googling it with… mixed results.

Fortunately someone linked me this page which does an alright job explaining a few of these things, but it would be helpful if the wiki page I linked could have some visuals similar to the EasingStyle page so I don’t have to rely on 3rd party documentation for these things.


I just got sidetracked with a bug because I didn’t realize EmitterSize (aka MinDistance) influenced the rate at which the sound decayed in the Inverse mode. Thanks @Zomebody for that link.

We could still use some better documentation… so I’m bumping this.