Rollover Audio When Switching Universes

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to create a quality universe teleportation (level switching) experience.

As of now, when you switch to another place in a universe, all audio is cut off. The teleportation process is less painful visually but the vibe of your game is completely killed during this process until the next place is reached. I would like to propose an addition to the universe API that allows developers to play a sound that will load and play before teleportation starts. This could be achieved by not cutting audio when a teleport starts (this could get messy) or calling a command to play x audio file such as music during the teleportation process. This would make for a much cleaner experience for players and give developers the ability to make an even better impression with their games quality. I ultimately want to see more control over that menu overall but this is a nice first step towards that goal.

Does anyone else think having audio not cutoff when teleporting to a new place in a universe would enhance the player experience?


I know that audio with play on delete plays when you an exit a game, would be nice if that was modified so that it keeps playing audio after switching to a new universe or place


In the future, I want to use hyperspace as a way to teleport between planets (places), so having a quite seamless transitions for switching planets would be cool.

Could Roblox run two “Roblox Players” at the same, so when you teleport, it doesn’t switch to the second one until everything is loaded?


I’ve been passively brainstorming ways to render planets similar to No Man’s Sky. I think the concept has a lot of value. It would be possible with the current Roblox universe system but definitely not fluent.

Yeah, we really need to be able to run script logic and maintain playing audio/tweens/etc when teleporting between places. Right now, it’s not possible to make the audio transition over smoothly, nor able to add a rotating “loading” widget to teleport screens, etc…


Don’t know if this would work, but clone the current audio into the teleport GUI and set the time to the current time along with Playing or whatever it is to true. Just an idea, gotta test it.