RoManager — A free, feature rich Discord-to-Roblox bot

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What can RoManager do?

Group Management Commands

/role — change a group member’s role (including /promote and /demote)
/shout — set the group shout
/join-request — view, accept and decline join requests
/exile — exile members from your group

Group Automations

/group-ban — exile a user from your group when they join, effectively banning them
/role-lock — disallow a group member’s role from being changed


/audit-log — Forward Audit Log entries to a Discord channel in real-time.
/join-request-log — Forward new join requests to a Discord channel in real-time, with buttons to quickly accept or deny.


RoManager also comes with an API that you can use to promote, demote, and change the shout from your own code, including inside Roblox games. You can check out the API documentation here: API - Getting Started | RoManager

NEW Check if an in-game player is boosting your Discord server: Server Booster Perks | RoManager

Open Source

We have an open-source distribution of RoManager which you can check out here: GitHub - RoManager-org/romanager-oss: Open-source version of RoManager, intended for self-hosting..


For now i’m loving the bot!! Although using a roblox bot account you will have to start creating a bunch of accounts as the limit is 100 groups for every non-premium roblox player.

Edit: I saw you had a group, i recomend not adding the bots there, i think botting your groups is bannable on roblox


Was this scripted with a different type of coding language such as Python? Either way, this looks pretty helpful. Might give it a try.


Yep, it’s made in JavaScript, using Discord.js, and Bloxy, a Roblox api wrapper by @Affenity


RoManager v0.2.6

  • Added Team Create logs! Log when your developers join and leave a Team Create session. (team-create-log command)

RoManager v0.3.7

  • Added RoManager API and api-key command. Check out the API docs here: Getting Started | RoManager
  • A bunch of small improvements and bugfixes
    • The whois command now shows when a username is not claimed
    • Descriptions in the help command are no longer shown
      • You can pass a command as an argument and it will show extended details
    • Pings have been replaced by inline replies
    • Join requests forwarded to a channel now have reactions so you can quickly accept and deny as they come in

Made an Adonis plugin for RoManager that adds the role command in-game using RoManager’s newly added API; check it out:


Also made a Commander admin package that adds the role command. Get it here:


really cool, is there a way i can self-host this bot?

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Once the bot is open-source, yes.

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cool discord bot jayden, i would like to use this bot but did you use noblox.js? because i use it to manage stuff


Wow. Seems amazing! I hope I’ll in the future be able to see usage of this bot. Makes you really powerful, lol.


Thanks! I use bloxy, as it suits using multiple accounts better than noblox.js.

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great. now i will use this for my discord bot

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RoManager v0.3.8

  • Display Names are now shown in the whois command
  • Fixed Audit Log channel randomly not sending messages
  • Fixed devforum command error if the user doesn’t have any badges

Note: Game Integration is currently not functional as it’s being revamped.

I would trust this if it were open sourced. Who knows what this bot could do behind your back. Mass ping everyone etc…

I plan on open-sourcing RoManager soon.


Great but I personally would just rather integrate noblox.Js into my current bot framework or into an open source bot framework.

Wow this is great! Keep up the hard work man. :+1:
@jaydensar When will the ban feature be availble?

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Game integration features are currently disabled since I’m revamping them. The revamp should be completed within a week or 2, so the ban feature will be available within a week or 2.

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