RopeConstraint Visible doesn't work unless constraint is Enabled (incl. demo file)

If you have Visible enabled on a Constraint you’d expect it to be, well, visible.
Not so with RopeConstraint. Unless you have Visible and Enabled then you won’t be able to see the contraint ingame.

Not sure if this is intentional but eitherway the Visible parameter doesn’t do what it’s suppose to do, aka. make the constraint visible.

Here’s a demo: repro.rbxl (15.3 KB)

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I think this behavior is intentional because it wouldn’t make sense otherwise. Imagine a disabled rope constraint that is overextended by several studs. It would look weird, like the rope was an infinite string.


Sadly roblox never implemented this feature. I had the same problem in the past so i created a RopeRenderer (3.0 KB) . It creates a rope using cylinders, rendering them locally on every player that joins, connected to FrameRate so the rope is always connected. Just select the two attachments and run the game in player mode. If any of the attachments gets destroyed, the script will destroy itself.

Be careful when using this, if you use too many it might consume a lot of CPU.
I hope this will help

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It might be intentional, altho I’d still post this as a bug since:

  1. Visible = true, doesn’t make it visible. Wierd behavior.
  2. Alot of people use constraints soley for the visuals (like @grim25723 (btw Welcome :stuck_out_tongue: ) )
    Ex: Phonelines, Shooting arrow w. rope w/o. pulling the arrow, extendable Springs etc.
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This is intended. You can’t draw the rope when its disabled, there would be nothing to draw. The same applies for all constraints that have in-game visibility.

If you want to see the constraints even with them disabled, then turn on Constraint Details in Studio. This does not transfer to in-game, but can be used for debugging.


Since visible isn’t used when disabled, shouldn’t it be hidden when the constraint is not enabled?
Like CylindricalConstraint hide LowerLimit etc. unless you enable LimitsEnabled.


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