roPresence - Rich Presence for ROBLOX


A Discord Rich Presence for Roblox.

I would like to introduce you my first Open Source project named roPresence, a Node.js program that allows you to show your current Roblox status with a Discord Rich Presence, that hooks up with to get your Roblox user with your Discord ID. (@evaera :eyes:)

This integration shows 3 different states: Browsing, Playing, Creating.
The browsing one shows up if you are browsing the Roblox Website, the playing one shows up if you are playing a game on Roblox and the creating one if you are building on Roblox Studio, it also shows the name of your current project/game.

This project is fairly new and I would like your feedback, feel free to fill an issue on GitHub with your suggestions/bugs.

You can find the repository here.
Follow the installation steps closely to get it working!

Thank you for reading,


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This sounds nice, I can’t wait to check it out on my PC!
I wish Roblox added built in rich presence tools for developers to use, it would lead to so many possibilities


I am looking forward to get your feedback. :+1:

I just downloaded it, ran it and am correctly verified with RoVer but it’s not showing anything I’m doing in Roblox or Roblox Studio. I’m following the bot account and have my privacy settings where people I follow can see what I’m doing. I’ve sat in a game for a bit more than a minute to make sure that it has time to update correctly and I’ve had studio open in the background the whole time.

This is nice little program!
One question: Why is it that everytime I play a game, it says “A secret game” instead of the actual game on Roblox that I am playing? Will you make it so it can show what game on Roblox that I am playing?

Probably because you have your privacy settings off. Also, how long did you have to wait after starting the program for that to show up? I’ve had mine running for 5 minutes and have been in a game but it’s not showing up for me:


Sometimes with ROBLOX Rich Presence, you have to start it when you ARE NOT in the game. It’s just a bug with it.
Funnily enough, I have a rich presence with the same name as this!

I started it and then joined a game after it was connected to my Discord. I had to reverify my account with RoVer whenever I was first setting it up because RoVer had my old Roblox username. But even though I reverified and restarted my computer (and the application), it still doesn’t show the presence.

I also unverified my Roblox account from RoVer and the application didn’t ask me to verify myself again.

Oh wait, I resolved it. It turns out that I wasn’t following the ropresence bot account.

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Weird, feel free to post an issue on Github with everything you find.

Seeing that even after reinstalling the application it still doesn’t seem to work for me it might be something on the verification server’s or proxy server’s end caching my old username. It might be because my original RoVer username I had linked before I launched it was my old username. But even after unverifying and reverifying with my new username it still doesn’t seem to fetch my presence.

I recommend opening an issue on Github and attach screenshots of your privacy setting, if you are following the roPresence account and that stuff. I will have a look tomorrow. Make sure to read the Readme entirely.

Fixed some issues in the Remote API, you can now reconnect.

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I’d like to point out a simple but possibly important issue. A while ago Roblox released a thread about how their name and logo works. One of the major points was the Roblox is spelled “Roblox” not “ROBLOX”. This is something to consider as everything is currently stated as “ROBLOX”.


Can you please try and add a tutorial on how to install it on macOS? I already have it installed and I got it to work with BetterDiscord so now it automatically starts up with discord.

I will make tutorials on both of the OSes. It can be a good idea to make a Better Discord plug-in indeed. I will definitely look at this.

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It looks great; however, I thought maybe it’d run in the background automatically rather than having to keep a command prompt window open. Have you looked into using node-windows for this?

Interesting idea!
I will see what I can do.

I recommend you to watch the roPresence repo in case I release an update, I will be looking forward to get your feedback. :slight_smile: