StatEye - Discord Rich Presence for Roblox


An eye that keeps track of your Roblox status and shares it with others.

About :placard:

Roblox presence for Discord with only one native standalone executable that relies on zero external dependencies, and doesn’t need to be installed.

Download on GitHub.

Difference :performing_arts:

StatEye is meant to precede previously made works, such as:

With top 5 pros:

  • Native :zap:
  • Standalone :package:
  • Zero external dependencies :broom:
  • Minimal resource footprint :green_apple:
  • Silently runs in the background :eye_in_speech_bubble:

In other words, the executable weights ~1.5MB, consumes ~1.5MB to ~2.1MB of memory, and uses 0.1MB/s of network once every status update.

FAQ :books:

How do I run it on start up?
  1. Open run.exe program, type shell:startup, and press enter.
  2. Put stateye.exe and stateye.config (optional) into the folder.
How do I close the program?

You can close the program by killing it with task manager.

The program does not seem to be working

If it does not appear in task manager that means that it crashed.

License :judge:



Cool but I suggest adding an icon in the notifications area that you can open by clicking the arrow and showing a “Close” button when it’s right clicked.


I would like to do that, however, I am still looking for better solution since it would require me to interact with WinAPI which is a nightmare to work with :disappointed_relieved:


Oh fine, I don’t know how to help you since I always make apps for windows in C# (which is easier to work with windows) and your rpc is in rust. Good luck though


This is super neat! I’m glad to see someone else use the in-game universe icons for rich presence as well! :happy3:

My only feature request would really only be to be able to view studio place icons and exact place locations through the rich presence application ^^

Examples of what I mean here:


Daw588 back with another cool resource, awesome job on this mate


I had that, but for some reason it was not working. I will try to implement it again and see what happens. Thanks!

Perhaps that could be toggled in the configuration file. I also might add a setting to change how frequently you want the presence to update, as currently it is a fixed number of 10s.


Was the API endpoint properly setup? When I was making my version, I seemed to run into issues with the Roblox endpoints that had to be handled a little…weirdly :uhh:, BUT I assume you’re using this endpoint to deal with said task?

10 Seconds is pretty fair! Just a little note on how the roblox presence API works, but using the API is somewhat unreliable…?

For studio, you need to ping your client (meaning move around or something similar) every 10-15 minutes to persistently maintain the Studio Presence on your profile/WebAPI. As for games, teleportation sometimes messes with the API and gives it a hard time when updating.

EDIT: I skimmed through the code, but im not entirely familiar with the language used. These are just suggestions/notes I made when making my executable application but if you already dealt with these issues then kudos! :happy3:


With all my effort and trying i seems not to be working.

The information to install is also not helpful.

i have installed and added the additional information yet its not running in my background

Can you give me the steps you took to run it?

1 : i have downloaded stateye.exe from github

2 : I added stateye.config into the same directory in “desktop” and added my token

3 : I open ran and typed shell:startup

4 : moved the files in the folder as requested.

5 : Ran as admin but no tasks are opening on the task manager

Try following debugging instructions, this will allow you to get crash logs.

Hey will do that. Is it possible to get your Discord so I can get probably quicker response? As I rarely check dev forums


Can you send me your Discord tag since I have my friend requests off?

:crown:Linux Detected​:crown:#9384

Is my user and tag


No more config files, just download and open the program, and you’re ready to go!


This presence is really cool but can’t you make a widget for configuring the all presence?

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I could but the point of this is to make it as light weight as possible.


I feel like this would be really cool, but it crashes every time I open Roblox Studio
It works fine for the website and the player, but it kills the task upon opening Studio

If you can, please provide more information, you can do so by using stateye_debug.exe as it will open a console which can be used for retrieving errors.

  1. Start screen recording.
  2. Open stateye_debug.exe.
  3. Do something to cause it to crash or to error.
  4. Stop screen recording.
  5. Screenshot the part where error occurs in the console.
  6. Remove any sensitive information such as your .ROBLOSECUIRTY token (if it’s present).
  7. Send the screenshot here or to me (if you have experience with GitHub, you can create a new issue there).