- A free, rotating proxy for Roblox APIs

Just wanted to let you know, I attempted to visit this link once and it gave me a “too many requests” error,

Possibly a Roblox-sided bug? Maybe contact @Bug-Support?

FYI, Proxies aren’t allowed on Railway.

RoProxy doesn’t do the Roblox friend api?

It returns a 403 everytime I try to go on the page.

Does it only do GET requests only or is there a specific way to do it?

I got a question is it possible to get a person’s private server and see if its inactive or not using RoProxy?

you can do that even without proxy

Is there any other way I can use railway? I can’t use Heroku due to them removing the free plan.

Nope, sorry. You might want to find something else.

I can’t tell if this is roblox issue, my issue, or a roproxy issue, whenever I attempt to use roproxy in studio I get this error:
Funny thing, roproxy works fine outside of studio, ingame, and I’m also able to make http requests to my own servers without the error

Hi everyone, I’m a PM from Roblox and want to learn more about your needs about accessing Roblox domain directly from your game. Could you share the features you’re trying to build?


Catalog is the number one reason. Im not gonna spend on hosting just for some catalog api. or be very active and switch on from proxies because most of them are unreliable and might go down.

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I’m in the process of switching over to the AvatarEditorService for catalog items. I would still need a proxy to get game likes, as far as I’m aware, to make a likes goal board/ui :slight_smile:

How can you use roproxy to get the player’s gamepasses?

Is there a way to use with the place id instead?

it didnt work

Either pass a .ROBLOSECURITY or use this endpoint that does not require authentication
and then pass that onto

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receiving 403 forbidden when attempting to post to, is there any reason for this?

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Thank you so much, I got it working

getting likes and dislikes for my game. Please lets not use a proxy for this

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change that to v2 :slight_smile: v1 is not the right api