- A free, rotating proxy for Roblox APIs

do you happen to know of any endpoint that doesn’t require a cookie to get the premium status of a user

I’m not aware of any other endpoints

If you really want to:

if i wanted to do that i would just connect to my own proxy with a cookie & request to the premiumfeatures endpoint but im not trying to setup a whole api for it so wtv

local HTTPService = game:GetService(“HttpService”)

local success, servers =
return HTTPService:JSONDecode(

if success then
local server = servers[1]

for i, svr in pairs(servers) do
    if svr["ping"] < server["ping"] then
        server = svr



I cannot access game api

Could you add support to the following endpoints?

Is there an api for getting the price of an limited item?

You’re using the link incorrectly. "game.PlaceId" should be your PlaceId, not just this text. Use this instead:


@OFFnoonbacon To get the price of a limited item, you can use the Rolimons API.

I made one request and it blocked me?


Is it cloudflare or the website?

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I see so much potential in this project.
But can anybody please tell me the format of url after using Roporxy.
Because i only heard people say "just replace the ‘’ with
And that doesn’t seem to work in most of my cases. => =>
u get the jist

what API did you try to access

Thank you. But how can i find the rest of the apis?
Like the asset api and soo on

You can see all the APIs here. Just be sure to change the domain from roblox => roproxy as @Exozorcus mentioned.

However there may be other deprecated APIs they haven’t included in there since they also included APIs not being used anymore, so I can give you a brief overview of other ones:
Roproxy does not support these subdomains so I just used these example ones.

isn’t that prohibted by the TOS?

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