- A free, rotating proxy for Roblox APIs

Do you think those games use MULTIPLE proxy servers to allow for splitting request rates, or just one proxy server that has higher rate limits?

I suggset you add a create.roblox proxy to get things such as images and audios and videos. thanks for your amazing proxy :smiley:

toolbox API is there for you

why would you need proxy

i need it because there was a game where it needs to search for images i did use assetservice or insert i think there was this function called ::getfreedecals only problem it got 3 pages only

toolbox API

not every service requires you to webscrape their front page

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For some reason when I use ro proxy for the link it says invalid token but when I change the link to roblox it doesn’t say that anymore.

For some reason when you use the friends api after requesting a certain user once it will stop changing. (specifically for following) Is this a bug?

dont use roproxy for logging in
dont use api for logging in
thats literally against roblox TOS

guessing the followers are being cached into roproxy when you access them

local apiUrl = ""..GAMEID.."/servers/Public?limit=100&cursor="
local response = HttpService:GetAsync(apiUrl)

its blocking when i use it the way its supposed to be used great job

that url was blocked cause people kept abusing it

just code a messaging service system if you need to get your own game places