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Hello I am @NamelessGuy2005, I am a 16 year old Scripter and Web Designer, I present to you RoStats.

RoStats is a website where roblox developers can see information about other developers, such as the developers:

  • skills (a specific field in roblox development that is awarded via an application, there are 4 different levels of each skill)
  • rating (developers can upvote and downvote other developers)
  • indicator (text that sums up the potentiality that the developer is a scammer, info is got from rating)
  • tags (snippets of info such as “for hire” and “hiring” that tells the status of the developer)
  • portfolio (developers can link their devforum portfolio to RoStats)

Developers can personalise their profile with themes, as seen in the Images summary! A developer needs to achieve level 2 in a skill to get the corresponding theme for that skill.

RoStats has been in development for a few months and now I feel its time for an announcement on the devforum. The website has seen various alterations through its development as the community has helped shape it. You may of heard of the website as I have made around 5 devlogs throughout development.

How Can I Create A RoStats Account?

You can create a rostats account by visiting or alternativly clicking the `Sign Up` button located near the top of this post!

All traffic going in and out of the website in secured with SSL and all sensitive info is hashed and encrypted!

The skills we currently offer are:

  • scripting ​ Scripting

  • building ​ Building

  • modelling ​ Modelling

  • animating ​ Animating

  • tailoring ​ Tailoring

  • interfacing ​ Interfacing

  • art ​ Art

  • composing ​ Composing

  • acting ​ Acting

  • translating ​ Translating

Here are some summaries containing useful info about the website:

Frequently Asked Questions?

"How Will You Accurately Award A Developer The Correct Skill?"

We will have a team of Skill Application Readers who will look at the application and give the user a skill level based on a criteria. The criteria contains exemplar material of each level’s requirements.

Although we can’t guarantee that every developer gets the skill level they deserve 100% of the time, we can implement systems to handle events like this. If a developer applies for skill and they feel like they didn’t get the level they deserve then they can appeal the application a maximum of 5 times. The appeal system has temporarily been removed due to it being buggy, for now just submit another application if you are unhappy with what level you got!

"Why Do I Have To Put In My Email And Password?"

Just like most websites you visit you have to put an email and password in! RoStats requires these details so you signin and manage your account. All sensitive information uses complex hashing and encryption before going into the database, there is also password requirements to prevent brute force attacks into accounts. Until roblox releases some sort of Oauth rostats will use email and passwords.

"Why Does The Website Look Bad On Mobile?"

Our website was created to be mainly used on computers/laptops, mobile support is limited as our attention is mainly focused on other things in context to the website.


Sign Up Page

Profile Page (different versions with different themes)

Theme Popup

Portfolio Popup

If you have any questions and or concerns you can contact me at:

robloxlogo Roblox (NamelessGuy2005)

discordlogo Discord (NamelessGuy2005#9999)

twitterlogo Twitter (RoStats_RBLX)


Tos and Privacy seem to be lacking in some areas. This will be resolved. To comply with gdpr we have to be transparent, to see what info we store about you please contact me on the devforum and within 24 hours I will have sent you a copy of all of the information we store on you.

I didn’t realise that you had to register with the uk ICO to collect data therefore making what we are doing bordering on illegal. Consequently our website will be closed until we have fixed our security issues.


the sign up button redirected to wrong url, if you clicked and it took you to then you are on the version of the website without SSL! :slight_smile:


A couple of issues here:

  1. Your site does not force SSL on the login page which can be a major security concern.
  2. Your terms of use page doesn’t exist. For all I know, you could be collecting my information and selling it off.

Until these issues are addressed, its hard to trust this site.

Additionally, it’d be impossible for me to sign up for this service.

“go to your roblox profile and add the code above to your ‘About’.”

I no longer have the ability to do this, nor can I edit my description because of updates Roblox is making to the site. It’s logical to assume many other users cant do this as well. I recommend you find a new way of verifying users.


Adding on to this,
There’s no security on the server so what’s the point?


Hello! I fully understand your concerns, I thought the terms and conditions were linked but I guess they weren’t, this is most likely due to to me rolling back the version of the website a few days ago. I will message you when the terms and conditions are readded to the site, in case you want to sign up.

Thankyou for pointing out the fact that users can access a version of the website with http, this issue will be sorted out ASAP!

I have marked your post as it brings up major security flaws in the website that I believe users should know before signing up!


Thankyou for pointing out the fact that users can access a version of the website with http, this issue will be sorted out ASAP! please visit Sign Up - RoStats

update: fixed!

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Do you have a link to your data protection policy and a policy on where to submit and how you handle a GDPR right of erasure request?


This discord link listed is invalid, would be nice to see this updated.

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I would recommend cleaning up the HTML a bit more. Use of CSS files and JS files neatly placed would better manage your current site.

I think the best route right now is to stop, take the time to correctly test your website and fix that before releasing more updates.

Stuff like the broken Terms, the API page showing errors, or the CSS on the front page. I’m sure you’ve taken much time with this but it just doesn’t feel like that currently.

If I look at your HTML, I think this kind of repeated code (known as WET code [rather than DRY]) could be placed into CSS classes and be much easier to manage.

If you want an idea of what mistakes could be propped up, you can validate your website against the W3C validator for an idea of how things could be improved against the HTML spec.


This is a great idea and I think it will become popular! There are a few flaws, the security as other people have pointed out is one, and the other is, I can’t seem to submit a skill application.


Of course the link stops working as soon as I make a deform announcement! anyways I have updated the link :slight_smile:

that is really strange! could you clear cache for the site then refresh the page! I can access it on Safari and Chrome btw. Could you also send me information listed below either here or in dms:

Operating System:

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I will try that, and I’m using Microsoft Edge. If it doesn’t work I can try it in Chrome.

I agree with you that the HTML, JS and CSS are poorly written. I will take your advice and prioritise tidying up the frontend :slight_smile:

also that website, from first glance, seems very resourceful so thanks!

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I reloaded the page and I think it worked!

I have received your application, your builds are amazing. The detail isn’t overdone to the point where its messy, the models that are there complement the build nicely. the use of textures is properly executed.

:clap: I think that deserved a level 3 or 4

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Thank you, I worry what people think of my work so that means a lot!

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Great website! But the setting thingy won’t work for me. And since I applied my skill application, how long do I wait until it gets accepted??

Hello! I know this is a fairly new site, but I noticed a few MAJOR errors. When I was signing up, when I put my password and then confirmed it it stays as ‘does not match’ and when I submit it works, since it was matching, but regardless, it says it doesn’t match when indeed it does. As well as, when I did connect to discord, and clicked submit, it brought me to to signup page, and now is telling me my email is in use, and I can’t log in, since there is no log in button.

hmm thank you for your bug report - I will follow it up and make sure the website is functioning properly. It is a new website and bugs will be expected, I thankyou for your patience :slight_smile: