Rotated ScrollingFrame not clipping

I’ve tried searching for similar posts but they’re all 2014-2016 with no solutions. I haven’t heard anyone talk about this in a long time but it feels like it would be a common issue. Is there any solution to this yet?
I’m sure I don’t need to give an example as everyone here should be aware of what I mean :slight_smile:

ClipDescendants sadly is not compatible with rotations. It’s been stated multiple times by engineers that they’re aware of the issue, but aren’t interested in finding a solution that’s sustainable, unfortunately.

That sucks :confused: Thanks anyway!

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A staff member said they were going to fix this later though.

(I couldn’t find the message.)

Are you sure staff said that? I don’t see any support for rotations and ClipsDescendants. An old post in #updates-archive, specifically the Gui Rotation release announcement (cannot view if not a full member) mentions that doing so means dealing with arbitrary polygons and complicates the implementation.