Rotating a Wedge about A Vertex

I am basically trying to have like a cone of vision rotate in a circular pattern for a obby im making and my first idea was to use this trick I learned in shader development where you rotate your verticies with a rotational matrix

However as you can see I quickly realized that what about aligning? I can’t really do LookAt but one idea I do have is to define a vector at its original thing right then have it so that the vector is updated by that position on the matrix, aligning the position to that vector. Then again another thing calls to me that im just looking over something and theres some hidden built in constraint? Please let me know if you have any ideas.

Im not sure if this is what you want. but cant you just set the look vector of the wedge to the look vector of the npc/character

I’m lazy so I would just weld the wedge to another part and rotate that part. Welding the wedge to the NPC seems like a pretty convenient because the wedge should align with the NPC anyways.

If you’re set on using CFrames, here is something I believe should work:

  • Use sin, cos, and an angle to get the position of the wedge
  • Use LookAt (with the position above and the position of the NPC)
  • Multiple the resulting CFrame by a new CFrame from CFrame.Angles (to rotate the wedge to the correct orientation)


I tried to use a weld constraint but then when I tried to update its orientation it would just like ignore it. It doesn’t matter that much anymore however since I just ended up changing that part of the game to be a moving circle instead of a spinning field of view