Roulette Game Devlog #2 - Prototype map

Dev Log#1, Prototype map

Hello, welcome back to my dev log this is my second dev log I was link the others below. anyways I have finished the eating potato animation, this is also my first every animation so it was a great learning process for me. I also managed to create a map for my game, I will probably change it in the future but it’s good for now.

Previous Dev logs

I recommend checking these out so this one makes sense.

Map Pictures

This is the area where you will play the games as you can see by the circle table, the other bits are just there for decoration, if you have a good eye you can see there’s picture frames, these will host completion winners avatars, mines will be up there cause I’m a, sole developer, but the rest will be coemption winners.

This is where you go when you explode, you get teleported to a lab where you can watch the other players through a window, yes there will still be a spectate system but you can also view them through here. I’m also going to add a break room attached to the lab but don’t know how I’m going to design it yet so I haven’t started it.


-General Idea of game mechanics


To be completed

The below are not in order.

-Scripting for potato.

-Animation for potato.

-Round starting system.

-GUI scripting.

-Adding in the card system.

-Adding in a shop which you can buy cosmetics.

-Making a thumbnail.

-Scripting for the twists.

-Making a name for the game.

Take you oh kind sir for reading this post, I bestow to you a very good day indeed.


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